Hello, there - and Welcome to 'An Englishman In San Diego'.
“This is an unofficial fan site and news resource for the San Diego Comic-Con, also covering news, updates, reviews and commentary for Con-related pop culture – all from an Englishman’s perspective.
The San Diego Comic-Con is a convention held each July in San Diego, California, hosting thousands of visitors each year to celebrate the new and exciting worlds of comic books, sequential art, movies, TV and pop culture.
I found that I was keeping track on SDCC news, as well as all the stuff that features at the Con and that interested me, and was posting it all over t’interwebs – this site will allow me to keep everything all in one place… and now, so can you. I’m hoping I can set the site up as a one-stop shop for all your Con-friendly goodies – we’d love to have you keep coming back.
“But there’s plenty of San Diego Comic-Con fan sites out there – what’s going to make this one any different?”, I hear you ask.
Each year, the boys and girls UK that go to San Diego each July very much typify the ‘International’ aspect of Comic-Con International – and our numbers are growing, not only as attendees but as special guests and people in the industry. ‘An Englishman In San Diego’ will be highlighting when a Brit does something interesting at Con, or in comics or movies or on TV. We’ll be giving useful, practical advice to Brits travelling to attend this amazing international event. And, most fun of all, we’ll also be showcasing all the shenanigans of Brits while they’re in San Diego.
If you’re not from the UK, you’re probably wondering what this site has to offer for you – and I say, you don’t have to be a Brit to visit ‘An Englishman In San Diego’, everybody’s welcome! There will be all the headlines and features you’re after, all served up with a healthy sense of English humour and sarcasm. All you’ll have to do is learn to tolerate the ‘favourite’s and ‘colour’s and other such correct spellings of the English language throughout and you’ll be just fine.

profile pic - leonard (edited, large)Leonard Sultana

“Stiff-assed Brit.”

Want to contribute?

While we will strive to cover con news, pop culture headlines and reviews the best we can, for the moment, ‘we’ is ‘I’ – if you would like to contribute to the site, either in the form of a blog feature, review or article, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

The Main Focus of the Site will be...
  • News and Announcements from Comic-Con International and San Diego Comic-Con
  • News and Announcements from comic-cons taking place in the UK, either through attending ourselves or from releases by their respective press departments
  • Brit-related headlines in con news, at home and abroad, comics, movies, TV and pop culture
You will spot three important icons as you wander around the site...

‘Our Cup O’ Tea’

A post which contains ‘Brit Relevant’ content, either featuring a writer or an artist, a colourist, an actor or actress, a director or even a production taking place in the UK… Any post where the news has a Brit involved, this icon will highlight it. And in the post, the corresponding name will be highlighted in Bold.

‘SDCC News’

Any important news headlines or CCI announcements, directly relating to the San Diego Comic-Con will be highlighted with this icon.

‘UK Con News’

Any important news headlines or announcements, relating to Cons taking place in the UK will be highlighted with this icon.

Also featured on 'An Englishman In San Diego'...
  • ‘An Englishman’s Opinion’: a collection of blog posts and articles, written by Leonard and occasional featured guest writers, exclusively for ‘An Englishman In San Diego’. (Occasionally, these posts may appear on the writer’s own site – links will be provided back to the original post.)
  • ‘To The Main Viewer’: a series of vlogs, videos and audio content, exclusive to ‘An Englishman In San Diego’.

Coming Soon:

  • ‘Be Seeing You’: a gallery of our favourite images from cons and events, at home and abroad – starting November 2013
  • ‘Forum’: a space for like-minded Con fans can talk and interact.
  • ‘Shape Up For San Diego’: once Christmas is out of the way, we’ll be starting a series of workout and fitness videos, hosted by a professional fitness trainer, getting you in fine form for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – starting January 2014
  • ‘The Road To San Diego’: an ambitious project, hopefully featuring a month-long stream of daily SDCC news updates, posts, blogs, videos, interviews and features as the ‘Englishman In San Diego’ team take part in an epic road trip across the mighty United States, eventually leading to the San Diego Comic-Con itself! Watch this space…
The Promises of An English Gentleman
  • We promise never to post content of any nature without the permission or accreditation of the original author or site. Any post that contains content from another source without due credit will be removed immediately and an unreserved apology will be issued.

  • While we cannot promise that we will be the first with any new or information, we will do our damnedest to be so: this may, from time to time, result in inaccuracies or fallacies. Any errors that are made on the site will be removed or ammended forthwith and an unreserved apology will be issued, if required.

  • We will always spell ‘colour’ will a U, take out our ‘rubbish’ instead of our ‘trash’, walk on ‘pavements’ rather than ‘sidewalks’ and always pronounce ‘Alumnium’ correctly. (“Ah-loo-MIN-ee-um”.)

  • The opinions of our bloggers and contributors are their own and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of the management of the site; however, we will defend the right of these posters to express these opinions, wholeheartedly.

These are the manners of an Englishman.

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