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Laura Braga, Italian comics artist and illustrator. Born in Verona, she lives in Sardinia. She attended the International School of Comics, the Disney Academy. Her first professional works are dated 1999 as storyboard artist for tv commercials.

She worked as a comic book artist, illustrator and colorist for some of the main Italian, French-Belgian and Spanish publishers. In 2005 she met and collaborated with Milo Manara, whose influence led Laura to a more realistic style.

From 2012 to 2014 she’s been the regular artist for Top Cow’s Witchblade. Recently she has worked for Marvel Comics on Iron Man and is currently working for DC on DC Comics: Bombshells.




Laurence Campbell is an artist who studied graphic design at St Martins College of Art and later taught there. Early on in his career he contributed to the Caliber anthology, Negative Burn. Shortly after he was working at 2000AD on characters including Judge Dredd, Bison and Synnamon.

He proceeded to work for Marvel on titles such as Marvel Universe Vs Wolverine, Punisher Max, Deadpool Pulp, Moon Knight and the New York Times Best Seller, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower – The Way Station. He is currently a regular artist on Mignolaverse title BPRD written by John Arcudi for Dark Horse.




Michael Dialynas is an illustrator and comic artist residing in Greece. In his native tongue he has published a book by the name of Trinkets: An Attic Full of Stories and a series called Swan Songs, but he is more known for his work on Amala’s Blade with Steve Horton at Dark Horse Comics and Spera with Josh Tierney and other artists at Archaia. More recently he was the artist on Superior Spider-man Team Up Special and is currently drawing The Woods with James Tynion IV, published by Boom. He has now started work on TMNT for IDW.




Rahsan Ekedal is an artist best known for his work on the hit series Think Tank, and the Harvey-Award-nominated graphic novel Echoes. He has illustrated a variety of titles for Top Cow Productions (Pilot Season: The Test, The Crazies), Dark Horse Comics (Solomon Kane: Red Shadows, Creepy, The Cleaners), DC/Vertigo Comics (The Unexpected), and Boom! Studios (Warhammer). Ekedal has also provided storyboards and concept art for companies such as Disney XD, Undertow Films, BCII Television, and Ursa Productions.




Lee Garbett is best known for his work on Grant Morrison’s Batman: RIP Last Rites and Return of Bruce Wayne, along with DC’s acclaimed re-launch ofBatgirl.

Working mostly for DC, he has worked on some of the biggest characters and titles in the business, includingAmazing Spider-Man, Batman   Robin, Justice League Dark, Ghost Rider, Fear Itself, Judge Dredd, Angel and Faith and Ultimate X-Men.

More recently Garbett has been the regular artist on Valiant’s X-O Manowar, contributed a story to Vertigo Quarterly: Cyan along with Jock as well as designing costumes for the hit movie, X-Men Days of Future Past. He is currently working with Al Ewing on the Marvel Now series Loki: Agent of Asgardand staying with the God of Lies and Mischief, also drew Original Sin Thor andLoki: The Tenth Realm.




Adi Granov is a Marvel artist who got his big break on the 2005 series Iron Man: Extremis with Warren Ellis, and which is credited with revitalising the character. It led to an approach by director and fan, Jon Favreau to produce concept art for the then upcoming Iron Man film. The suits in the Iron Man movies were based on his designs and he has worked on numerous other concept pitches for films including Avengers Assemble and Spider-man 2 and various games. Granov is a very much in demand cover artist and these covers have graced the likes of X-Men, Nova, Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more.

He is currently the regular cover artist on Marvel’s new Darth Vader series. Granov is also doing the covers for the re-edition of the A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi comics, as well as some variants covers for Star Wars and Leia. He is also designing a line of X-men figures for Kotobukiya which should start coming out this year.




David Lloyd is the well-known illustrator and co-creator of the globally successful, V For Vendetta. He’s also worked on the Hellblazer series, Aliens, Global Frequency, War Stories, and many other projects. His acclaimed crime graphic novel, Kickback, is now available as an app from Panel Nine with all kinds of extras including a commentary.

Currently he edits and publishes an exclusively digital comic art magazine, Aces Weekly which features top talent from around the world. He also helps manage the educational website, Cartoon Classroom which aims to centralise all information available on the study of cartooning and sequential art in the UK and Ireland.




John McCrea is a respected illustrator and comic book artist which has seen him draw for many of the major western publishers including the big two: Marvel and DC Comics. He has illustrated iconic characters such asBatman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Star Wars, Judge Dredd and The Simpsons amongst others.

Recent projects include drawing the new ongoing Mars Attacks! comic from IDW, assorted Mars Attacks! trading cards from Topps, Progenitor, a new series for the onscreen-only comic Aces Weekly launched by David Lloyd, BBC Bitesize comic strips, a short story for the new Vertigo Comics anthology Ghostsand (last and most definitely least!) a new series of Dicks from Avatar Press.




Tim Perkins is an award-winning comic illustrator and writer and now graphic novelist and has worked for over 30 years on comics as diverse as Dark Dominion, Transformers, Thundercats, Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, Dreamstone, Earthworm Jim, and Hot Wheelsfor Marvel, DC, 2000AD, Defiant, Tekno, and Toontastic amongst a great many others.

He also works as a concept artist, designer and writer in the worlds of themed rides and attractions and animation, as well as lecturing about comics, storytelling and creativity.

His “Science Fusion” graphic novel Worlds End – Volume 1 – The Riders on the Storm is the first major publication from Wizards Keep Limited. He is currently producing the artwork for the second volume, Worlds End – Volume 2 – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall. Artwork from this second volume will be on show at this year’s convention along with the hard-backed copies of the first volume, theWorlds End Colouring & Storybook and a new Volume 2 Ashcan. Wizards Keep recently launched his latest newest comic – The Dinoswords – The Primordial Edition.

Tim will be situated at the Wicked Comics table (D201) over the weekend



Roberto lives in Italy and for the last 2 years has been working as an Inker for Marvel. His 1st work was on the “No End In Sight” storyline on X-Men, Ironman andNova, and from there he progressed to working regularly on Nova, Amazing Spider-man andInhumans: Attlia Rising.

Roberto works with John Timms who pencils the books and they will both be situated together at L.S.C.C.




Rodney Ramos has been a professional penciler/inker in the comic book industry for over 15 years. His penciled work includes Marvel’s Thundercats, Marvel Presents, What If, Conan, Toxic Avenger and Valiant’sThe Legend of Zelda.

He has been a much in demand inker. He has inked many tittles including Amazing Spider-Man, Punisher War Journal, Batman, Wonder Woman and the critically acclaimed Transmetropolitan with Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson. Recent work includes DC’s 52, Countdown, Green Lantern and Batman




Sabine Rich is a self-taught French/British artist who grew up abroad and now lives in France. She started as a freelancer and has worked for over 10 years on a variety of kids books/magazines, and game projects.

Rich’s first work in comics was as a colourist for JP Roth on Ancient Dreams and Southern Nightgown. This led to colour work for Aspen, Zenescope, and the Lady Death Universe.

This past year she has started drawing and colouring a comic book of JP Roth’s called Theory of Magic and she does cover work for Zenescope, Lady Death Universe and other independent publishers.

Rich has a wide range of variety in her work, and enjoys doing watercolours and copics when not colouring on the computer. She loves to draw fantasy and beautiful woman.




Born in Parma, Italy in October of 1982, Matteo started his professional career in 2008 with the bookHyperkinetic by Image comics. Matteo’s worked on books including Valen the Outcast, Deadpool Team up, Secret Avengers, Batman and currently his creator owned project with Rick Remender: Black Science.




For over 20 years Alex Sinclair has worked in the comic book industry as a colorist. He got his start with WildStorm, although most of his career has been coloring for DC Comics and their many characters. Alex worked on many popular series including Batman, Superman: Unchained, Green Lantern, Justice League and Wonder Woman. His collaborations with Jim Lee and Scott Williams on Batman Hush, and Ivan Reis and Joe Prado onBlackest Night earned him global recognition and multiple awards. His current projects include JLA, Harley Quinn, Dark Knight III, Green Lantern and Astro City.

Alex will be situated at the Scott’s Collectables tables D514-D518



John Timms, born in Costa Rica, studied animation in Venezuela and work as 2D animator for a long time working for commercials, series and one short movie. Comics was always his first love, breaking in into comic world two years ago was a dream come true, working on Deadpool, Nova, Attilan Rising for Marvel, Harley Quinn for DC and finishing Harley Quinn Little Black Book for January has been a real roller coaster ride.




Chris Uminga is a freelance illustrator and artist, who has done work for WB/DC Comics, Marvel Comics and most recently provided cover art work for IDW Publishing. He has also designed toys for Mezco Toys (Living Dead Dolls: Figurines) as well as album cover art for Interscope Records.




Christian Ward is a London-based illustrator, comic artist and writer. He is the co-creator of ODY-C with Matt Fraction for Image comics. Ward is a regular cover artist at Marvel (with Avengers A.I. #8 Covers C and D andUltimate FF #3 being recent examples). Past comic book projects include Image Comics’s bestseller The Infinite Vacation with Nick Spencer and Olympus with Nathan Edmondson. He has also worked with Kieron Gillen on Young Avengersas well as with Margaret Atwood on The Guardian and British Library’s Comic Unmasked project.




J.K. Woodward started his professional comics career in 2003 and went on to work on several titles for IDW, BOOM! Studios, Archaia and Marvel. He’s worked on such titles as X-Men Origins: Beast, Star Trek, Peter David’s Fallen Angel, Mars Attacks and more. He currently illustrates Peter David’s Fallen Angel as a reccurring miniseries for IDW as well as various cover and sequential work for multiple publications.

His most current projects include illustration for the Star Trek/Doctor Who, 8-issue mini-series, Assimilation 2 and Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever, the Harlan Ellison original Teleplay.


profile - Chrissie Zullo (lscc) 2CHRISSIE ZULLO

Chrissie Zullo is a freelance illustrator who has worked for DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Devil’s Due, Topps, Dynamite Entertainment, Archie and Harper Collins. Her most notable works are probably her distinctive covers for Vertigo’s Cinderella: From Fablestown with Love and Fables Are Forever. Other notable titles are Fables, Madame Xanadu, Hack/Slash, Womanthology, Little Nemo Anthology, Life With Archie, Creepy and New Crusaders. Zullo is currently creating covers for Vertigo’s Fables: The Wolf Amongst Us, Vertigo’s first digital comic. She also lives with her cat, drinks too many cups of tea and has an obsession with Yetis.

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