icon - a london super comic con thumbnailHere you can find listings and bios for all the COSTUMING GUESTS appearing at the London Super Comic Con, taking place at the ExCel Centre in London, on the weekend of the 20th and 21st February 2016.

This listings are correct as referenced to the London Super Comic Con website – we do not hold any responsibility to any errors in the listings, please do contact us if you do spot any changes that do need to be made. Biographies are taken from the LSCC website – all photo credits belong to them, unless stated (we have taken some pics of out own, you know!)

Cancellations and changes will be listed here, at the top of this page – please do keep checking back to get the latest information on the listings.

Please find links, under the bios of the relevant artists, to interviews, recordings and features that we will be posting regarding the individual guest. We hope you enjoy!



Enji Night is an internationally known cosplayer, costume designer and model from Budapest, Hungary. She’s been cosplaying since 2009, and has created over 50 costumes in the past 6 years. She is known for her Supergirl, Chun Li and Samus cosplays. Most of the time she is cosplaying from comics, games and anime, but she likes to create unusual cosplays, such as her gijinka version of the Firefox mascot! She has won several cosplay awards in her country and since 2013 she has been attending conventions and judging cosplay contests all over the world. Her costumes have been featured in online and print publications including Kotaku, FHM, ELLE and Marie Claire. She has also had the honor of being the spokesmodel for Nokia Hungary. When she is not cosplaying, she spares most of her free time playing video games and watching animes.



D-Piddy is a regular fixture at some of the most popular fan conventions in the United States and has developed an international fanbase via his self-produced YouTube series “Deadpool vs.” Dubbed “The Merc with the Moves” D-Piddy’s unique interpretation of the morally ambiguous Marvel mercenary has injected levity and approachability to an often dubious character that fans have consistently admired for decades. With over 100 million views on his YouTube channel, and almost half a million subscribers, D-Piddy has cemented himself as a force to be reckoned with within the cosplay, pop culture and entertainment communities, proving he has legitimately cracked the code as to what makes a successful brand go viral. A self-confessed comic geek, D-Piddy’s true identity remains a mystery to his following but there’s one thing fans can expect to happen when he’s around – total and utter mayhem.



Vampy has been cosplaying for over 16 years and is heavily interested in both fashion and art. She learned to style in the USA before moving to London, and later Japan, where she continued her studies. Upon returning to the US, she began to teach makeup while working as a model. Having made a splash in the cosplay scene with her depictions of classic comic book and videogame characters she was discovered by Japanese toy company Kotobukiya USA and was featured in the cosplay showcase book Otacool 2, which became a worldwide success. Recently, Vampy collaborated with Chris Hardwick of Nerdist to produce “Just Cos,” a show featuring cosplayers from all walks of life telling their stories. She is currently part of a costume/prop makers group named ‘Team Mantium Designs’, which builds and fabricates highly articulate armour and she continues to push for creative freedom in all media. You can find her at conventions all year round promoting cosplay and she has recently been followed by CNN to talk about her life as a travelling cosplayer/artist. She can be seen online making large robot costumes, enjoying gaming on her 3DS and designing clothes and toys.



Svetlana Quindt (AKA Kamui Cosplay) is an acclaimed costume designer, author and cosplayer from Germany. With over 12 years of experience and a never ending desire to start the next big project she has already created many award winning costumes and lately published a hugely popular series of cosplay instructional books that have become the entry point for many Cosplay newcomers worldwide. Even though she now tours all over the world at international conventions she loves nothing more than to support newcomers as well as veterans in creating their big dream costumes.

It all started with Svetlana’s elaborate armors from World of Warcraft, Diablo and League of Legends and with them she played an integral role in making the German material “Worbla” a big player in the international Cosplay scene. For every cosplay problem she has an answer – either as photo-, video- or in one of her tutorials books.

Even before making Cosplay her full-time job, Svetlana was already a welcomed guest at many international conventions such as DragonCon, Montreal ComicCon, Japan Expo, KatsuCon, GamesCom or BlizzCon where she not only judged many prestigious competitions but also won a lot of notable awards herself.



Kairi, 26 years old, has been actively cosplaying since 2008 and has attended most of the Polish cosplay events either as a guest, competition contestant or as a competition judge. She also hosts a number of workshops and panels about the hobby, both in Poland and around the world. Kairi travels a lot and visited more than 10 different countries in 2014 as part of her cosplaying. Kairi has been the Polish representative in a number of international cosplay competitions, placing second twice and winning once (2014) and she will be representing Poland in the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) finals in 2015. There is no specific type of costumes she prefers and she likes to experiment with new techniques and designs. She mostly cosplays characters that are close to her heart and she loves to perform on stage!



Leon Chiro is the current Representative of his country (Italy) for the ECG 2016 Finals in Japan Expo, he’s studying in VIGAMUS Academy University, specialized on Marketing, Digital Communication and Videogames.

He’s also well known as former Italian national athlete, personal trainer and photo model with a big passion for Cosplay. His cosplays are handmade by himself with the exception of some complicated sewing parts. During his sport sciences studies, Leon trained enough to elevate himself to a national athlete level. He is working hard everyday to stay in a perfect shape.

All his cosplays are made with passion, heart and artistic skill! His specializations are armours, weapons and accessories. He is famous for his “fomento” attitude : full of energy and dynamism. He is also working for different brands like Ubisoft or Cool2U!!!

Leon is a major competitor in European cosplay contests, he loves putting his heart into the interpretations of his characters and has won numerous cosplay competitions in the main cons in Italy (as ECG selections in Lucca Comics and prizes in Romics) and Europe (Best Cosplay Forge in Japan Expo 2013). In 2013 Leon started to travel around the world, having been invited, as special guest, to different cons in Italy and Europe (events such as Gamescom, Paris Comics Expo and GamesWeek) and he has judged very high level cosplay competitions. His biggest dream is to continue to travel and meet a lot of cosplayers and artists around the world.



Joining the array of international cosplayers will be the rising UK star and previous London Super Costume Championship winner RossECobb.

Ross began cosplaying in 2009 when he cosplayed Alonzo from the hit musical CATS. Since then he has taken the UK cosplay scene by storm, cosplaying with wide variety from classic Disney, anime and musicals before going on to win against strong competition from all over Europe in the London Super Costume Championship in 2015!



Shappi Workshop has been a cosplayer since 2009. She specialises in armour and prop making and her passion is for games and the gaming industry, where she works as costume creator, host and model. Shappi has been a representative of Poland at numerous contests abroad. Her biggest achievements to date have been 1st place in European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) 2013, solo, and 1st place in Cosplay World Masters 2014. She often visits conventions abroad as a guest and judge.



Ireland is a San-Diego-based International Cosplayer, Published Model, YouTuber, Gamer, Costume Designer/Twitch Streamer, who loves taking designing costumes to the extreme with creativity! Ireland has been making costumes for the fitness industry and for others in the cosplay world for over 14 years, starting from basic self-taught lessons on a simple sewing machine. She has a fine niche for even the slightest detail and is known for her specialty with Swarovski Elements in her pieces. She takes great pride in every one of her pieces whether she makes them for herself or others. When she is not working on cosplay, Ireland has her hands in many things surrounding the community from online game streams on her Twitch channel, to posting YouTube videos of her latest unboxings or explaining how she makes each cosplay. Aside from that, she shoots with local photographers for magazines and advertisements along with finishing her Master’s Degree in Marketing/Finance. Ireland has a background in Hardware Components Prototype Engineering along with teaching herself design and sewing techniques. When Ireland does get a free moment in her hectic but fun schedule, you can find her at the gym, playing sports or simply curled up with the latest sci-fi novel.



Cosbabe is a London-based cosplayer originally from Germany. She’s been cosplaying since 2004 and had the honour to be part of Team Germany at the World Cosplay Summit in 2008. As a result, she’s been invited to judge a variety of cosplay competitions including the prelims for World Cosplay Summit in Germany.

Being a Graphic Designer by profession, she has a passion for all things creative – encompassing a meticulous approach to sourcing and experimenting with different material and fabrication techniques for her cosplays. She derives inspiration and ideas from a variety of genres and usually picks characters that are close to her heart or designs that are bespoke and unique from a creative point of view. Besides being a cosplayer she loves to design, illustrate and play video games!



Cosplex, aka Lex lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. She has been cosplaying for over 10 years and mainly focuses on fabric based costumes. A keen competitor, she has represented the UK on two occasions. Firstly, as one half of the first UK team at the World cosplay summit in Japan in 2012 and Last year winning the Solo category at the European cosplay gathering in France with her Satine cosplay. She has also competed twice in our very own LSCC costume competition, winning Best solo in 2015. To her cosplay is a wonderful creative outlet from her busy career in the oil industry.



Laura is a special effects artist, and costume designer working within the film and tv industry along with her involvement within the games industry; creating costumes and props for promotional use of game launches that have been sent all over the world for people to enjoy. Her passion for costume is something that she happily spends all her free time doing, creating outfits for competitions and events all over the world that she is invited to every year.

Laura represented the UK in Japan at the ‘World Cosplay Summit’ in 2012, and came first whilst representing the UK in Paris at the ‘European Cosplay Gathering’ in 2014.



Sina, aka Aigue-Marine, is a cosplayer from Southern Germany. The professional event manager and singer started cosplaying in 2004 and has created over 80 costumes out of a variety of media since then.

So far she has visited conventions all over Europe and in the United States and has hosted workshops and panels there. She has also judged cosplay competitions in the past, such as the official costume contest at GamesCom 2015 in Cologne.

Since 2014 Aigue-Marine is editor-in-chief of the international cosplay magazine Cohaku which she will also present at London Super Comic Con.



Jessica Armanetti, aka ‘MissHatred’ is a competitive gamer and cosplayer from Italy, she is 23 years old and has a big passion for Videogames, Cosplay, Astronomy and Tattoos. Her first videogame was Doom which played an important part of her life and made her the Gamer that she is today! After the videogames, she is a Cosplayer who began cosplaying 2 years ago and considers it an art form that you can use to interpret a character that you love. She started to attend different conventions in Italy such as Cartoomics, Lucca Comics and during the last year started to work with Leon Chiro at big events international like Gamescom, Madrid Games Week, and Romics. Thanks to this passion she has started to promote different brands for official merchandising in many international cons. Jessica’s dream is to make by herself a full Halo armour, hoping that the day will come very soon!



Calssara is a cosplayer from Germany who loves to cosplay since 2004. She was Germany’s representative for World Cosplay Summit (WCS) in 2009 and 2011. Also she represented her country in the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG), one of the biggest European cosplay competitions that takes place in Paris on Japan Expo, and won the champion title in 2012 for her country with her Saber costume from Fate/Stay Night. Calssara visited already 27 countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Arab Emirates ) on 3 continents with her costumes as cosplay judge, panelist and messenger. In real life she is a librarian, event manager and passionate tea drinker. She is a very social and happy person who loves to meet new friends and supports cosplayers all over the world.



Sneaky Zebra are Nick & Gary. Two filmmakers with over 18-million views on YouTube alone, UK-raised and digitally grown, Sneaky Zebra is at the forefront of geek and comedy culture with a passion for making geeky content and cosplay music videos, even flying overseas to show off high quality cosplay and amazing cosplayers. The duo can’t wait to see what LSCC brings this year.

Nick and Gary will also be judging the Sneaky Zebra Open Masquerade.

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