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One of the highlights of attending San Diego Comic-Con is wandering the massive expanse of the Exhibition Floor and drinking in the incredible masterpieces of the likes of Weta Workshop, Gentle Giant Ltd., Icon Heroes and the many, many companies producing high quality collectibles for the discerning nerd.

Actually, no it’s not. All of the above is a lie, of course it is. It’s torture. It’s an absolute nightmare to go from booth to booth so see these astonishing figures in all their glory, imagining exactly where in your particular nerd fiefdom you could show off them to your friends.

image - SDCC 2017 (collectibles 25)

Maybe that Icon Heroes Lord Mesa-signed Green Arrow figure, right next to your framed selfie with you and that bloke from the show. Maybe you could have a special place for those McFarlane Toys STRANGER THINGS statues, right along side the DVD box set. And that Bandii TIE Fighter would go wonderfully next to the Darth Vader bust that your other half hates because you put it on the mantlepiece instead of the picture of the in-laws at last years camping trip, like they wanted.

SDCC 2017 - Collectables (Mark Searby / Sam Payne Pics) 74

And then you see the price tag. And then you see another and another and another, and you start justifying the possible outlay by saying it’s ‘an investment’, and you look up your credit card balance online and you pass the UPS stand out in the Main Corridor, wondering how the hell you’re going to get these home without remortgaging the house… and the next thing you know, you’re in a foetal position, weeping because ‘you can’t have all the pretty things’…

image - SDCC 2017 (collectibles 30)

It’s okay. We’ve all been there, pal. It’s why Funko are so popular: c’mon, they’re only a tenner and you can stick it in your hand luggage. Easy. But then, of course, we all know Funko is now a whole other ballgame entirely…

image - SDCC 2017 (collectibles 39)

Here’s a gallery of photos taken by Mark Searby, Sam Payne, Leonard Sultana and Caroline Sultana, over the weekend of SDCC 2017 – we just about made it out alive and relatively unburned. (Leonard got himself the Gentle Giant Skottie Young I HATE FAIRYLAND ‘Gertrude’, he caught the appropriate flak off t’Missus and thankfully that was the end of the matter…)

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