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I’d like to thank all of those people that have reached out to me to offer their content to share with AEISD readers. Your links, your articles, your reviews: they allow the site to reach those who want to learn more, and experience better, the world of San Diego Comic-Con – especially in 2016, when there are so many changes and fresh additions to the SDCC experience.

image - dan berry (downtown june 2016) 04 symphony

Contributor Dan Berry has sent over some great images of the space at the Embarcadero Marina Park South at which the San Diego Symphony will be presenting incredible evenings of musical entertainment throughout the summer (their Comic-Con concert series, FINAL SYMPHONY: MUSIC FROM FINAL FANTASY VI, VII AND X and THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: SYMPHONY OF THE GODDESSES – MASTER QUEST are to be held at the Jacobs Music Center with no announcement yet of what will be held in the Bayfront location, beyond the STAR TREK BEYOND world premiere on Preview Night – watch this space for more).

The photos showcase the stage, rear seating stand and Champagne Chalet stands, for those beautiful people in the audience. Thanks to Dan for the photos – they’re very much appreciated.



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  1. […] As well as taking in a wander of the Embarcadero Marina Park South arena for the San Diego Symphony … (including that landmark STAR TREK BEYOND World Premiere), contributor Dan Berry also had the opportunity to wander around the outside of the sparkling new extension space, built for the Marriott Marquis and Marina Hotel on West Harbor Drive in Downtown San Diego. […]

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