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There are several elements to An Englishman In San Diego that I’m incredibly proud about – the community that follows what we get up to, the reception I get at conventions, the opportunities that the site has opened up for me and the people that I have been allowed to meet. But the one thing that I just can’t top as the lynchpin of what the site is all about is our weekly live YouTube hangout show, Talkin’ Comic-Con: A Cup O’ Tea with An Englishman In San Diego.

The absolute key to the show is our audience – without the immediacy of the YouTube Q&A, without that ’round table’ aspect that the Google Hangout afford us, it’s unlikely that I’d keep the show going. It’s your show, it will always be your show.

To that end, I want to continually try to improve and streamline the show, to ramp up its production values. That’ll take time and effort – and, yes, money – but it can start with the basics, and that’s where this post comes in. Please look through the polls below and honestly give us some feedback about what we get up to each and every Sunday. And, of course, anything that you want to add, please leave any comments down below.

It’s your show. Let’s make it better.


The Intro Countdown originally served a specific purpose – to allow our audience to join the YouTube video after the announcement of its broadcast, without any connection glitches and without missing the start. Now, however, the time we’ve got could be so much more. Let’s work on it…

How long should the Intro Countdown be?
How could we better use the Intro Countdown?


I watch enough shows and podcasts to know that, sure, we do waffle on a bit and maybe stretch it out too much. Still, how interested are you in what we’ve been getting up to, the past week?

How long should we deal with Host Introductions?


One of my ‘guiding lights’ when it comes to the show is the presentation of the Collider Video videos, and I really like the on-screen running order of them. It’s something I think we could incorporate. Should we…?

Similar to the Collider Videos On-Screen Graphics, should we...?


Do you keep tabs on the #CupOTeaSDCC Hashtag?
Do you spread the word about the show to your friends / followers?
Should we introduce a Spread The Word prize scheme to help grow our audience?


We want to give you a reason to keep coming back! And talking to interesting people is one of the main draws for our viewing family… End of the day, though, we want to make sure we’re getting the right people on the show.

Are you satisfied with the quality of guests we get on the show?
Would you like to see more...


Do you enjoy our Convention Live Reports, in their current format?
How could we better improve the Live Reports?


Week In TV - should it be...?
Would you like to see more...?

Thanks for checking these polls out – they close at 2pm GMT this Sunday, ahead of this weeks episode. We’ll talk about the results, and what we can do to improve the show in the future. And don;t forget to keep adding to the comments below with any other ideas.



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