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An Englishman In San Diego presents A Cup O’ Tea Incidental Episode:

BATTLE ROYALE: The Great INHUMANS Debate with EnglishmanSDCC & CarolynsGeekOut

Wednesday 6th August: 9am PT / 12 Midday ET / 5pm GMT


We have to talk this out. We HAVE to talk this out.

The arrival of Marvel’s Royal Family of superpowered metahumans on IMAX, ahead of the full series coming to television screen at the end of this month has triggered some very intense emotions – there have been many detractors of the first two episodes (edited into a feature length presentation for the big screen), there have been a few passionate defenders of the faith.

Leonard Sultana (An Englishman In San Diego) is one of the detractors, vigorously railing against what he sees as lazy writing and half-efforted production. Carolyn Poddig (CarolynsGeekOut / The Marvel Report) defends the show for its themes of family, belonging, class and social structure and struggle. Someone has to be right, right? Let them fight! LET THE BATTLE ROYALE BEGIN!

Okay okay, that might be overselling it a little – both Leonard and Carolyn will remain civil and lighthearted during this one-hour discussion about the series, and will do their best to aim towards a positive outcome for the series, beyond these two initial episodes. But things could get heated – and, of course, will get very spoilerific!

Please avoid this podcast if you HAVEN’T seen the first two episodes of MARVEL’S INHUMANS and don’t want be ruined ahead of the shows television release.

Leonard Sultana (An Englishman In San Diego) is a full-time DJ and part-time nerd, as is desperately trying to switch the two around. He can be found on various social medias under EnglishmanSDCC and also on his website, www.anenglishmaninsandiego.com

Carolyn Poddig is a Senior Writer for The Marvel Report, covering TV/Film, and can be often found on various social medias like Twitter (@CarolynsGeekOut) getting very hot, sweaty and passionate about fandoms and their impact in the wider world. She takes this sh*t seriously and will always fight in your corner.

MARVEL’S INHUMANS is an American television series created for ABC by Scott Buck, based on the Marvel Comics race of the same name and set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films and other television series of the franchise. The series is produced by ABC Studios and Marvel Television in association with Devilina Production, with IMAX Entertainment as a financing partner, and Buck serving as showrunner. The series is centered on Black Bolt, portrayed by Anson Mount, and other members of the Inhuman Royal Family where, after a military coup, they escape to Hawaii where they must save themselves and the world. Serinda Swan, Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish, Ellen Woglom, and IWAN RHEON also star.

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