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UPDATE (27th June 2015): …bollocks. Oh, well.


UPDATE (25th June 2015): Damn. And it was such a good theory, too.

One of the pieces of the puzzle that I used to draw my conclusion of a Walt Disney Pictures panel was the inclusion of Sanjay’s Super Team in the Comic-Con content – naturally, I assumed that it wouldn’t just be wasted on a screen down on the Exhibition Floor but have it’s moment in the sun in a Disney panel.

Well, it is, as it happens. Only now, as revealed in the Thursday listings that went up today, the short happens to be its own dedicated ‘Making Of’ panel in Indigo Ballroom on Thursday at 11am.



Look, the theory still stands. It just so happens that one of the ‘triangle of pillars’ support for it is now missing and it’s all looking a little more dicey. Couple more days and we’ll get our answer…

I’ve got a theory – and I’d like to run it past you guys, to see if I’m not completely off my gourd. Run with me on this one.

It’s about Disney.

Yesterday afternoon, nestled between all the usual run-of-the-mill news, Walt Disney Pictures tweeted that the animated short, Sanjay’s Super Team, scheduled to appear in front of forthcoming flick The Good Dinosaur, would be coming to San Diego Comic-Con.

How exciting… And how bizarre. A tiny little announcement that a five minute short would be the sole representation of Disney at SDCC, when everyone’s assumed that Disney wouldn’t be coming at all, saving itself for D23. And then you take a second to ask where on Earth they would screen the thing. On their tiny little booth, tucked away on the Exhibition Floor? (#3635, in case you were wondering.) That would be a bit of a waste.

Weird. But that’s not all.

As part of An Englishman In San Diego‘s feeling out of companies as part of our first year of press, I’ve reached out and gotten in contact with pretty much everybody – yes, including Disney. But here’s the thing: Disney have actually gotten back to us.

“We are scoping out what opportunities we will have at Comic-Con and, when we do, we will let you know. Thanks!”

Waitasecond. My press enquiry email was about future cons and UK bits and pieces, and you reply, talking about SDCC. Hold on. Does that mean you, Disney, are, in fact, coming and bringing talent and panel materials after all? Interesting. And there’s one more piece to the puzzle.

We know Ben Kingsley – sorry, apologies, SIR Ben Kingsley – is coming to town, already announced for the early Nerdist Live show on the Saturday. But surely that can’t be all he’s coming into town for. Let’s have a look at his forthcoming projects.

Self/Less? Possible – the subject matter is right up SDCC’s street, while the film is being made by Focus Pictures, it’s not unlike the schedules to be filled by random film presentations. The Walk? Any other day, this would be the most likely candidate but, made under the TriStar banner, that makes it a Sony film and we already know that they ain’t coming. Let’s have another look. Hello: there is one other film Our Ben has on the docket.

The Jungle Book. That’s right. For Disney.

Here’s what I’m thinking: yes, Marvel Studios doesn’t have a great deal to present this year and Disney are quite right to pull the plug on them for now. But they’re letting Star Wars make a grand appearance and if there’s anything you’d think they save for D23, it’s that. And I don’t think Disney will have taken all the press about them being a little gun-shy against Warner Brothers/DC amazingly well. So, putting all this together, this is my theory.

Disney are coming to Hall H on Saturday, in that end-of-day slot previously occupied by Marvel. And, if that’s the case, they’re coming HUGE!

logo - walt disney pictures

This is just a theory, mind, with the small amount of clues to hand. Guess we’ll find out in a couple of days, right? And if it comes off, remember that if you bump into me in a pub in San Diego, somewhere.

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