A Massive THANK YOU to our Supporters!

We have been very lucky so far to have gathered around us an amazing collective of fans and followers who regularly repost, retweet, comment, share, contribute and generally spread the word about what we do, here at AEISD. You have no idea how much that means to us, to have you believe that we are worth sharing with your own friends and followers, We will do what we can to continue to earn that faith and loyalty in us – again, thank you so much.

We also have had a number of supporters who have provided us with more financial re-enumeration, allowing us to do what we do ever better. This has been done in two ways: either with prizes and giveaways that we have provided on the site to our fans, and by clicking on the PayPal Donate Here button on the site.

Whichever way you have supported us, let this small page represent the smallest fraction of our gratitude – believe us, if we could hire a sky-writer to acknowledge your help, we would do. Thank you so very much!


  • MONDO TEES: this amazing Texas-based merch design company provide us with one of our first giveaways – a gorgeous Back To The Future print from Matt Wilson. Thank you so much for getting us off the ground with such an eye-catching prize!
  • DARK BUNNY TEES: our first major sponsor, providing us with tees, merch and promo codes to giveaway during our Talkin’ Comic-Con: A Cup O’ Tea with… Hangouts. They are good friends, amazing partners and we hope that they will back us up for years to come.


  • DAN BERRY (THE RED STAPLER): the first to put his hand in his pocket. I’m not sure if it was just to make sure that we are well stocked with deodorant whilst in San Diego but the sentiment is appreciated, thank you!

(Dan runs a unique cosplay project which almost defies explanation! Click here to find out more…)

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