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Booth: #3029

Price: $45.00

Convention Quantity: TBC

Description: 2x plastic poseable 12″ action figures of DC SUPER HERO GIRLS characters (Wonder Woman & Cheetah); clothing accessories (cape, shoes, tiara, etc); figure accessories (shield, lasso, cell phone); presentation box; SDCC exclusive sticker

Source / photos: nerdist.com

We have news worthy of ringing the Save the Day alarm for: a DC SUPER HERO GIRLS two-pack with Wonder Woman and Cheetah is coming to San Diego Comic-Con. Diana of Themyscira and Barbara Minerva often go head to head in DC Super Hero Girls stories–after all, what’s the high school experience like without a solid arch rival?–but they’re going to be forced to tolerate each other in toy form with this set […]

I am in love with the blue streaks in Wonder Woman’s hair. And her glittery cape. And Cheetah’s spotted jumpsuit. That’s not surprising, though. I have enthusiastic feelings about DC Super Hero Girls. (And I’m not the only one–read our own Rosie Knight’s thoughts on why you should be tuning into all things DC SUPER HERO GIRLS.)

The deluxe two-pack includes the two 12-inch dolls as a celebration of their teamwork. Though they may be at odds in the classroom, Wondy and Cheetah come together when a threat presents itself. This time, the threat was Giganta. They’ve combined their skills to take Giganta down, and you can reenact the event with these dolls. Or you can display them on a shelf at home in all their detailed beauty.

You can get an order in for this two-pack at Mattel’s online shop on June 19, and while you’re there, you should take a look at the wide variety of DC SUPER HERO GIRLS merch and all the Wonder Woman dolls they have available (three words: Antiope. Barbie. Doll.). You’ll also be able to snag this collectible at San Diego Comic-Con.

Visit the gallery below to take a closer look at the accessories that come with Wonder Woman and Cheetah. Wonder Woman has tiara, lasso, and other essentials, while Cheetah has the coolest pair of shoes (I want sneakers like these) and a cell phone.”

This item is available for PRE-ORDER from shop.mattel.com

Limit 3 per item per customer. Pre-orders made by the same customer in excess of the limit will not be honored. No refunds. Pre-orders will not be shipped and must be picked up at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. Orders must be claimed in the Torrey Pines rooms at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, 333 West Harbor Dr., San Diego, CA 92101 from July 20 – July 22, 2017, 7:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00 pm – 7:00pm. 2017 San Diego Comic Con badge, ID, and order confirmation must be presented at pickup. The name on the order must match the name on the SDCC attendee badge and the ID presented. San Diego Comic Con and non-San Diego Comic Con items may not be placed in a single order.

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  1. You are awesome this year with getting all these exclusives posted. You are my go to now for this news. Keep up the great work!!

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