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icon-mattel-logoSDCC 2016 Exclusive: Mattel – DC SUPER HERO GIRLS KATANA FIGURE

Booth: #2945

Price: $40.00

Convention Quantity: N/A

Description: DC Super Hero Girls figure (Katana); doll accessories (katana, naginata, sheathed tanto, set of sai, three shuriken); doll stand; presentation box



Step out on the cutting edge with DC Super Hero Girls Katana doll! This DC Super Hero Girls doll is inspired by the sword master of Super Hero High and ready for powerful fun. Designed in 12-inch scale, Katana doll comes with five iconic accessories that showcase her martial arts skills—including her beloved sword. Easily interchangeable hands allows her to hold the various weapons. Pose Katana doll with her iconic katana or choose from the three shuriken, the two sai, a sheathed tanto and a naginata. A matching display stand, which also holds her sword, allows for cool display.

True to her fashionable flair, Katana doll’s outfit blends samurai and style for a powerful, action-ready look. A warrior-influenced top combines a black and red tunic with an armor-inspired piece that has a silvery chest plate, exaggerated shoulders and arm protection; an arm shield for her non-weapon hand and red leather-like accents on the chest plate are exquisite touches. Shimmery gray leggings, tall red lace-detailed boots and red-streaked hair complete the look. Save the day with Katana doll and unleash your power! Young Super Heroes-in-training will love finding their own unique abilities along with the preeminent students of DC Super Hero High who learn to master their powers and the hero fundamentals in ways big and small. From a routine school day to a Super Hero adventure, the possibilities are endless! Includes Katana doll wearing fashion and accessories, a katana, a naginata, sheathed tanto, a set of sai, three shuriken, and a doll stand. Doll can stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

You must be 18 or older to purchase this product.

Mattel Presale Info:

MattyCollectors.com Early Access: 8am PT, 16th June 2016 – 8am PT, 17th June, 2016

All Access: 9am PT 17th June 2016 – 11:59pm PT, 26th June, 2016

All pre-sale orders must be picked up at the convention (no shipping) – though products will also be available for purchase directly at the convention.


THREE ITEMS: The following exclusives have a limit during the presale of 3, meaning you can purchase a maximum of three per unit of the following exclusives: Hot Wheels Star Trek Spock,Wonder Woman Invisible Jet, Hot Wheels Marvel Daredevil, Kubros TMNT, Hot Wheels Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman Barbie, Thomas & Friends/DC Super Friends MINIS, She-Ra, ThunderCats.

SIX ITEMS: The following exclusives have a limit during the presale of 6, meaning you can purchase a maximum of six per unit of the following exclusives: Suicide Squad The Joker and Panda, Star Trek Barbie, HALO Spartan Helioskrill, Disney Pixar Car Hudson Hornet, WWE Shockmaster, Minecraft, Ghostbusters Lights & Sound Set

As of press time, the following exclusives are not part of the early access sale (so we don’t have limits info): Ever After High Cedar Wood, DC Super Hero Girls Katana, Monster High Ghostbusters Frankie Stein, Monster High Robecca Steam & Hexiciah Steam. We expect these items to only be available in the All Access sale.

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