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icon - hasbro logoSDCC 2016 Exclusive: Hasbro – MARVEL LEGENDS 6″ ‘THE RAFT’ BOXSET

Booth: #3213

Price: $119.99

Convention Quantity: N/A

Description: 1x 6″ Spider-Man figure; 1x 6″ Enchantress figure; 1 6″ Dreadknight figure; 1x 6″ Abomination figure; 1x 6″ Sandman figure; 1x 6″ Purple Man figure; 4x accessories; presentation box


When Purple Man attempts to break out of “The Raft” – a prison that houses some of the most notorious criminals in the world– it’s up to Spider-Man to secure the facility and keep the bad guys behind bars.

This 6-inch, 6-figure collection of Marvel Legends figures includes 5 of the baddest villains in the Marvel Universe, so kids and collectors alike can imagine the epic showdown of Spidey versus some of the world’s most powerful inmates. Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a highly detailed design, making a set so awesome that it’s practically criminal.

Includes 6 figures and 4 accessories.

  • Includes 5 villain figures and 1 Spider-Man figure
  • Unique Raft prison design
  • Imagine Spider-Man preventing a disastrous Raft prison breakout!
  • Action figure size: 6 inches
  • Ages 4 and up

image-hasbro-sdcc-2016-exclusive-marvel-the-raft-legends-comic-con-collection-03-open-presentation-box image-hasbro-sdcc-2016-exclusive-marvel-the-raft-legends-comic-con-collection-02-presentation-box

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