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When I wasn’t taking pictures all over WonderCon this past weekend, I found the time to talk to some of the creators behind some titles.

In this conversation I briefly talked with creator K.J. Kaminski who give an update on THE RESISTANTS, a fantastic superhero comic from Big Blue Comics that tells the story of the Axairian soldier Interval, stranded on earth with no way to return home. Interval helps the down-trodden of this world the only way she knows how, through battle – a warrior looking for a war, she leads a small uncompromising strike force, known as THE RESISTANTS, against the oppressive Takeo Corporate-State and it’s leadership.


Driven by the guilt that her actions marooned her fellow Axairians on earth, Interval needs to lose her self in the missions. She chooses the most nobel of conflicts, fighting for those that can’t fight for themselves.

Out now! The three-issue THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive mini-series written by K.J. Kaminski with art by Jason Johnson and colors by Ross A. Campbell. Find out more about THE RESISTANTS at bigbluecomics.com/the-resistants/

Our thanks again go out to K.J. for the opportunity to talk to him at the show.

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