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While I was at WonderCon 2018 in Anaheim, I had a chance to sit down with Darick Robertson and R. Eric Lieb to talk about their new title SPARROW. 

In this conversation, co-creators Darick Robertson and R. Eric Lieb talk about their collaboration with musician Lindsey Stirling to create a vibrant and powerful tale of self-discovery and adventure – SPARROW, which is published by Aspen Comics and Golden Apple Books.

The title is just starting to hit its stride from its initial launch in November 2017 and the creative team talk about where the book can be heading and what readers can expect in the future.

Our thanks to the wonderful people at Golden Apple Comics for setting up this interview.

Synopsis about the title is below courtesy of their press release.

Sparrow: All-Ages : The comic series stars musical sensation and YouTube mogul Lindsey Stirling ( Dancing with the Stars ) as the main character, along with her internet-famous dog and bestie, Luna. The series is created, written and drawn by Darick Robertson ( Happy!, The Boys, Transmetropolitan , etc.) with additional co-writing from R. Eric Lieb ( CBGB,Turistas ) and inks from seasoned pro Brandon McKinney . This fantastical, all-ages story follows a girl struggling to survive in a world where light and hope are quickly disappearing. After finding a piece of an ancient object and stowing away on a pirate ship, Sparrow embarks on an incredible journey, discovering that by being strong and brave, one girl can not only find her place in the world, but she can change it. 

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