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T’interwebs can be a marvellous thing, often a haven for passionate and divisive discourse (yes, I know I’m being very, very generous here, bear with me) and it can also be a place of joyous celebration of the things we love. And, as the thousands of fan-made videos and millions of YouTube views demonstrate, there are plenty of people out there that love the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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And why wouldn’t you? From the first appearance of Robert Downey Jr. in 2008’s IRON MAN, Marvel Studios have brought together a plethora of movie-making styles and tones, with films embracing epic drama, bold science-fiction, fantastical magic and gut-busting comedy. Over a period of ten years, the studio has redefined the modern film landscape with an ever-evolving roster of characters and storylines, over what will culminate in nineteen films the moment AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR hits screens on 27th April.

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The boys and girls at the MCU Exchange have been following the exploits of the Marvel Studios heroes for some time, producing a number of Supercut videos leading up to the release of tentpole Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, including this fine seven-minute effort to celebrate the launch of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR – an Avengers movie in all but name, it can be argued. However, with INFINITY WAR just over a month away, MCU Exchange contributor Charles Villenueva has taken the film’s concept of ‘throwing everything but the kitchen sink’ and applied it to an incredible twenty-minute video that really shows the roller-coaster ride the last ten years have been.

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We at AEISD say bravo for this well-edited and thoughtfully put together supercut – congrats, it’s a cracking piece of work that would be at home on the bonus features of any of the official releases! Find out more abut the MCU Exchange at their website, as well as their YouTube page, podcast, Twitter and Facebook.

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