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logo - our cup o' teaFrom the Twisted Dark blog:

“Just before last weekend’s London Super Comic Con, Bleeding Cool released a filmed version of one of our stories from TWISTED DARK. It is only 7 minutes long, but I think the director (Jamie Childs) did a great job of pulling you in.  

The timing of the release is great because we will be releasing an app for the comic in the next few days. It will allow you to more easily see the connections between all the stories in the Twisted Dark universe.”

From Bleeding Cool:

TWISTED DARK is a dark thriller comic book anthology written by Neil Gibson from his publisher TPub Comics. With each show, the publisher becomes bigger, more professional and are now a key part of the British comics landscape.

Now they have filmed one of the stories from the latest anthology, and it could fit in easily with any film festival. Indeed, I think that may well be what they do next.


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