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our cup o tea‘Our Cup O’ Tea’, indeed.

The BBC are going great guns on ramping up anticipation for its two biggest upcoming drama shows – first, the teaser trailer for the 50th Anniversary Special for ‘Doctor Who’ and now this, the first official photo, heralding the return of the World’s Greatest Detective. (After Jessica Fletcher, obviously. Let’s not be outrageous here.) Yes, ‘Sherlock‘ is back from the grave!

Although, it would be nice to let John Watson know about that. The teaser trailer we’ve had already plays up the fact that, at this point, the good doctor (played by Martin Freeman) is completely unaware of the big bait-and-switch pulled off by Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) at the end of the last season.

'Sherlock' Season 3 first official BBC image

(c) BBC Worldwide

It’s quite the dark and moody shot with John, still appearing to be in a mourning state for his supposedly dead comrade in a cafe. But, hey, all he has to do is look out the window to see our flamboyant anti-hero, looking all breathing and not-at-all pavement pancaked.

I’m certain that the first question John will be asking is the one that is plaguing fans of the series already: how the hell did he survive the fall off the top of a building? And is Moriarty truly lying dead, seemingly shot in the head by his own hand? If, indeed, the man on the roof was the real Moriarty? And was Molly Hooper in on Sherlock’s grand scheme? But she’s so innocent and naive! Arrgh, so many questions!!

All will be revealed when the third season is aired in the New Year – no announcement yet on the UK air date but we have first dibs so it’ll be before the ‘Mericans, who’ll be showing it on PBS on 19 January 2014, as part of its Masterpiece anthology series. Makes a change, doesn’t it?

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