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our cup o teaThe anticipation and build-up for the Doctor’s big birthday bash grows apace with new updates coming almost daily. Now, it’s time to get all geared up for the 50th Anniversary Special with a new trailer to be aired tonight and an accompanying poster to go with it. (Because, as pointed out by Bleeding Cool, in 2013, even a teaser trailer needs a teaser image.)

Yes, you may notice that the earlier chaps are not in their usual monochrome as we have come to expect but all spruced up and colourised for their grand affair. The BBC have announced that tonight will be the first time the complete set will be seen in full HD and full colour. It seems that the restoration and remastering of the newly found ‘lost episodes’ has not been the only work being done by the digital monkeys in the new basement at Media City.

Doctor Who Anniversary episode teaser poster

The more eagle-eyed of you may notice that, also, somebody’s missing – two people, actually. Both John Hurt and Peter Capaldi aren’t appearing in this particular line-up as the trailer has been billed as a celebration of the past fifty years of the series and won’t actually feature footage for the special, due to air on 23rd November.

The trailer is due to air at 8.20pm GMT, following the BBC’s flagship Saturday show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, and before its current Who space-filler, ‘Atlantis’. The Beeb might be hoping that more may stick around for the fantasy drama which is finally gaining some confidence after a initial couple of poor episodes.

We can only hope tonight’s new trailer is as epic as this gorgeous fan-made effort that has done the rounds recently:

All of this exciting Who news all comes hot on the heels of the release of nine ‘lost episodes’, making up almost the entirety of ‘The Web Of Fear’ and all six episodes of ‘The Enemy Of The World’, announced to the world and unleashed on iTunes on Thursday 11th October. I wonder what else the BBC has up their sleeves. We know that ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ is getting the full 3D treatment… Is there some HD work being done on ‘An Unearthly Child’ and its ilk? We can only hope.

Thoughts on the poster, and of course the trailer once it airs, in the comments below, please.

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  1. Whoever did that poster didn’t ought to be allowed to use Photoshop unsupervised. Aren’t things supposed to get smaller when they’re further away or is this the Father Dougal interpretation of perspective!

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