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A screencap from the Doctor Who 'The Day Of The Doctor' trailer

our cup o teaWhile the BBC seemed determined to break YouTube viewing records with its unveiling of its trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, ‘The Day Of The Doctor‘, one thing stood out in the options for watching online.

(c) BBC Worldwide

(c) BBC Worldwide


(c) BBC Worldwide

(c) BBC Worldwide

YouTube has the ability to play SBS 3D files to be seen on 3D televisions and laptops – and these were available for the snazzy fly-through the long history of The Doctor, starting with William Hartnell, back in his junkyard in London, before swishing around Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker et al and settling on Matt Smith on a mountain top, being all enigmatic and chin-laden as usual.

(c) BBC Worldwide

(c) BBC Worldwide

We already knew that the episode was also scheduled to be release on cinema screens worldwide – something that thrilled the ‘Mericans no end – but it’s now good to hear that the same will be so here in the UK. And all 200-odd screens will be carrying the episode in 3D, confirms Den Of Geek.

UK fans will be able to buy tickets from 9am this Friday, October 25 from the www.doctorwho.tv website. The BBC announced, via a press release:

“BBC Worldwide today announces that the special 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who will also be screened in 3D in cinemas across the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Germany and Russia at the same time as the UK TV broadcast on BBC One on 23rd November 2013, with more countries to be confirmed within the next few weeks.

In addition to the global TV broadcast, hundreds of cinemas in the UK and around the world are also confirming their plans to screen the hotly anticipated special episode simultaneously in full 3D, giving fans another unique opportunity to be part of a truly global celebration for the iconic British drama series. 216 VUE, Cineworld, Odeon, BFI and Picturehouse cinemas in the UK and Ireland have already confirmed their participation, with tickets for the anniversary screening set to go on sale this Friday October 25th at 9am. Locations include London, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Internationally, German, Russian, American and Canadian fans will gather in cinemas to enjoy the simulcast release, approximately 30 cinemas in Germany will screen the special and up to 50 theatres will debut it in Russia. The celebrations will cross time zones travelling over the equator to New Zealand and Australia where fans will have a choice of 106 cinemas across both countries to view the episode in 3D on the big screen on the 24th November following the simulcast TV broadcast earlier in the morning.”

One concern was for the attendees of the Doctor Who Celebration Event, taking place that very weekend – would they get the opportunity to see the episode, also? The BBC told Den Of Geek: “We are developing options for fans attending the celebration who will want to watch the episode live.  We will have further information in due course and fans should continue to check www.doctorwho.tv for any further information.”

That’s not a ‘yes’. But, then, it’s not a ‘no’, either, and no doubt the Beeb will move heaven and earth to make a screening happen for those dedicated fans. The site has also discovered that Sky TV viewers will be able to watch the episode on its Sky 3D channel.

This will prove a bit of a quandary for Brit nerds the nation over – do we gladly sit at home and tweet, pin and Glue along with this landmark episode, effectively for free on the Beeb? (#SaveTheDay, hashtag fans) Or are we actually sad enough to go sit in a dark room for 75 minutes, just to see a telly programme on the big screen?

I’ll get the popcorn, you get the glasses. Sprite, please. Cheers.

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