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‘In the absence of Optimus Prime, a battle for survival has commenced between the human race and the Transformers. Cade Yeager forms an alliance with Bumblebee, an English lord, and an Oxford professor to learn why the Transformers keep coming back to Earth.’

Ahh, yes: ‘an English lord’. There’s a small sliver of me that is aching inside that SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has been dragged into the mire that is the TRANSFORMERS franchise, you’d like to think, kicking and screaming. But you have to pay for those iced margaritas being served on the California beachside terrace somehow and, at the very least, the pay cheque for this will make sure that he’s not demeaned into making something like BAD GRANDPA, like some other poor octogenarian actor we could mention.

I am excited about seeing some of the new blood that’s being introduced, mind, including the other Brit in the cast, the Ms. none-more-English-named LAURA HADDOCK (Peter Quill’s mum in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Yeah, she’s English! You won’t be able to watch that film the same way again, knowing her loins birth the blue-eyed all-American hunk that is Chris Pratt, willja??) I’m also up for lots of Isabella Moner, too – the cocky streetwise heroine of the film that is just destined to be the RiRi Williams of a not-too-distant IRON MAN film, if all my sacrificed chickens and chanting pays off. Fingers crossed.

image credit: slashfilm

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT is the fifth installment of the Hasbro / Paramount Pictures film franchise, directed once again by Michael Bay (reportedly in his last effort for the series). Written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Ken Nolan, from a story by the writers and Akiva Goldsman, the film sees the return of Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro to the Transformers universe, along with some newcomers to the franchise, including ANTHONY HOPKINS, Isabela Monet, LAURA HADDOCK and Mitch Pileggi. The film is slated for a 23rd June 2017 release in all the usual bombastic formats, including IMAX 3D. Because who doesn’t like being blinded and deafened senseless by big ruddy robots hitting each other, right?

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