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logo - thoughtbubble 2014 thumbnailI Is For Innovation: The Writers of Image Comics, Thought Bubble 2014

The organisers of Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival continue to showcase some of the highlights of the 2014 festival, especially those which left some out in the Yorkshire cold, thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the panels – Image Comics, and the creatives on their roster that they brought along, were certainly the big draws of the weekend.

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From the Thought Bubble ‘BubbleCast’ YouTube Channel:

“Some of Image Comics’ best and brightest writers make their home in the United Kingdom, and many more are coming to the UK each year to visit Thought Bubble! In these videos, we join them for a wide-ranging discussion about creative freedom in the new age of comics independence and their exciting new projects at Image Comics. 

This panel took place at 2014’s Thought Bubble convention on Saturday 15th November in the Royal Armouries’ Bury Theatre, and our panel comprised speakers Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Antony Johnston, Ales Kot, Scott Snyder and Richard Starkings, and was hosted by Publisher of Image Comics, Eric Stephenson.”

1: The Writers of Image Comics, 2014 – Image Comics and Censorship

2. The Writers of Image Comics, 2014 – Richard Starkings on Elephantmen

3. The Writers of Image Comics, 2014 – Do You Really Need an Editor on a Creator-Owned Book?

4.The Writers of Image Comics, 2014 – Ales Kot on Music and Writing

5.The Writers of Image Comics, 2014 – Scott Snyder on Working with Friends on Creator-Owned Books

Thought Bubble would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who took part in this panel, and also to their amazing technical coordinator Jip and his wonderful team of volunteers, without whom none of this would have been possible. Video production and editing courtesy of Michael Hoskin.


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