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our cup o teaExciting news for UK comics fans: news has reached us from Deadline that Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson‘s incredible The Wicked + The Divine has been optioned for series development to Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction‘s Milkfed Criminal Masterminds production company by Universal TV.

This is the icing on the cake for the book, which, by anyone’s standards, has had one hell of a year: lauded with generous acclaim from all quarters, as well as heaped with awards and plaudits (including appearing on a number of Books Of The Year lists, winning the British Comics Award for Best Comic, and a whole host of nominations for this July’s Eisner Awards).

If you’ve been following this site fro some time, you know exactly how big fans we are of Gillen, McKelvie and Wilson’s epic tale of contemporary godhood. (Indeed, we were very lucky to grab a couple minutes with Gillen just as the first issue of WicDiv – as all the cool kids are calling it – was about to drop and he was working on the script for #2, on our ‘Cup O’ Tea with…’ Hangout, back in June last year…)

The deal is another highlight of DeConnick & Fraction‘s arrangement with Universal TV, which includes the announcement of Fraction’s own Sex Criminals to series development. The pair have already stated that, with all of the work nurtured under the Milkfed banner, comic creators would be fully acknowledged as the authors of the work. So fully expect the title card of Gillen & McKelvie’s The Wicked + The Divine to grace a screen if the development fully comes to term, so to speak!

As soon as the news dropped at 1am GMT (30th May 2015), a whole host of fellow creators took to social media to wish Gillen, McKelvie and Wilson all the very best – and to put forward a couple of casting ideas, while they’re at it.

UPDATE: We at AEISD put the feelers out to the creators of WicDiv, off the back of Gillen’s previous statements in the Cup O’ Tea vid that he and Jamie were of the opinion that they would never return to San Diego Comic-Con, purely because of the sheer expense of the journey. At the suggestion that, maybe, with this news and the possibility of getting their mitts on an Eisner, someone from Image Comics should stump up the cash to get the creative team on a plane to San Diego this year, Gillen responded with some very welcome news:

Excellent. We shall be determined to get them a pint each while they’re in town…!


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