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icon - dc comicsDC COMICS Releases: Wednesday 13th April 2016

Each week, we take a look at the highlights of the weeks DC COMICS titles available in stores and in digital, giving you a comprehensive guide to your comics pull list.

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. Here at An Englishman In San Diego, we’re making in-roads to talk to some of the biggest publishers in comics, primarily to bring you headlines of their convention misadventures. However, as part of the press access, most of them are being spectacularly generous in also sending us through preview materials of their upcoming releases. Isn’t that nice of them?

Good news. One of the Big Two has broken down from my incessant nagging and are now providing us with covers and pages of just a few of the weeks books – hey, it’s a start, right? It’s not like I was expecting a parcel showing up at my door with everything DC Comics, but I’m glad we’ve got the opportunity to bring you what we can. I’m hoping we can start providing reviews of DC’s comic books and graphic novels pretty soon, too: watch this space. In the meantime, here’s the full list from DC Comics available at your LCBS:


  • BATMAN/SUPERMAN #31 (Peter J. Tomasi, Jamie Mendoza, Doug Mahnke)
  • BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #5 (James T. Tynion IV, Freddie E. Williams II)
  • BLACK CANARY #10 (Brendan Fletcher, Annie Wu)
  • CATWOMAN #51 (Frank Tieri, Inaki Miranda)
  • CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER #11 (James T Tynion IV, Ming Doyle, Riley Rossmo)
  • DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS #11 (Marguerite Bennett, Mirko Andolfo, Elizabeth Torque)
  • EARTH 2: SOCIETY #11 (Dan Abnett, Jorge Jimenez)
  • GOTHAM ACADEMY #17 (David Petersen, Michael Dialynas, Annie Wu, Brenden Fletcher, Colleen Ann Coover, Adam Archer, David Petersen, Michael Dialynas, Annie Wu)
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS: EDGE OF OBLIVION #4 (Tom Taylor, Ethan Van Sciver)
  • HARLEY QUINN & HER GANG OF HARLEYS #1 (Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, Mauricet)
  • RED HOOD/ARSENAL #11 (Scott Lobdell, Javier Fernandez)
  • SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? #68 (Sholly Fisch, Horacio Ottolini, Walter Carzon)
  • SLASH AND BURN #6 (Max Dunbar, Nick Filardi)
  • STARFIRE #11 (Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Elsa Charretier)
  • THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN #4 (Renae De Liz, Ray Dillon)
  • WONDER WOMAN #77 SPECIAL #3 (Trina Robbins, Amanda Deibert, Ruth Fletcher, Christos Gage, Marc Andreyko, Cat Staggs, Staz Johnson, Richard Ortiz)


  • BATMAN: EUROPA (Brian Azzarello, Matteo Casali, Jim Lee, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Gerald Parel, Diego Latorre)
  • INVASION (TPB NEW EDITION) (Bill Mantlo, Keith Giffen, Joe Rubinstein, P. Craig Russell, Bart Sears, Todd McFarlane)
  • MORTAL KOMBAT X VOL. 3: BLOOD ISLAND (Shawn Kittelsen, Various, Juan Albarran, Igor Vitorino, Daniel Sampere, Dexter Soy)
  • ROBIN WAR (Patrick Gleason, Lee Bermejo, Ray Fawkes, Tom King, Various)
  • SUPERMAN: THE MEN OF TOMORROW (Geoff Johns, Klaus Janson, John Romita Jr.)

This is only our first Pull List post for DC Comics – here’s hoping we’ll develop them into a full-blown summary, covers and release details. Baby steps, baby steps… Read below to check out details of HARLEY QUINN & HER GANG OF HARLEYS #1 and SLASH & BURN #6. Enjoy.

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Click on the thumbnails and galleries for hi-res previews of these releases:


Writer: Frank Tieri and Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Mauricet
Colours: Hi-Fi

Cover Artist: Amanda Conner
Variant Cover: Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts

“Straight from the pages of HARLEY QUINN comes the story of her strange new army of assistants, the Gang of Harleys!

In this new miniseries, they’ve been on the job for just a few months, and the Gang is ready to stand up and show what they can do without Harley…and they just might have to, because Harley’s been kidnapped! The Gang’s homes, their loved ones-they’re all in danger from a strange new villain with a very personal grudge against Harley!

32 pages / Full Colour

Click on the Gallery to check out Preview Pages of this issue:

Variant Cover:

HARLEY QUINN AND HER GANG OF HARLEYS #1: variant cover art, Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts

HARLEY QUINN AND HER GANG OF HARLEYS #1: variant cover art, Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts


image - DC Comics (Slash & Burn #6, cover Ande Parks)SLASH & BURN #6

Writer: Si Spencer
Colours: Ande Parks
Artist: Max Dunbar
Colours: Nick Filardi

“While Rosheen recovers in a hospital bed, there’s a literal change of perspective as Mayor Brand reminisces on the fate of the Sparky Club while doing his best to exercise control over Detective Morrow’s prying-but what’s the detective’s secret?

32 pages / Full Colour

Click on the Gallery to check out Preview Pages of this issue:

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