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logo - Aftershock ComicsAFTERSHOCK COMICS Releases: Wednesday 30th March 2016

Each week, we take a look at the forthcoming AFTERSHOCK COMICS titles available in stores, giving you a comprehensive guide to your comics pull list.

One book, this week: it was supposed to be two. We were expecting to have Ennis/Coleby/Kalisz‘s DREAMING EAGLES #4 on the shelves as well but a technical hiccup at the printing stage has meant a small delay of a week, meaning it’ll be joining REPLICA #5 from Paul Jenkins and Andy Clarke, as well as the debut issue of Adam Glass and Patrick Olliffe‘s ROUGH RIDERS – an island of considered and thoughtful period drama against two fantastical and conscious-altering headf@#ks. Watch this space.

  • Which means, for this week, STRAYER #3 stands alone, as does the character himself, a heady mix of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan-like brawn and Jeff Bridges’ stoic wit. Sure, there’s still questions to be answered of the small band that are gathering around Strayer’s neck like tics – and indeed of the vicious, nasty bastards that are hard on their tail – but this one is very much a dust-’em-up issue with plenty of punch-punch-lick-bite to be getting on with. I’m fully expecting Justin Jordan‘s pace the calm down just a smidgen next issue, if anything to get some answers out of somebody… Issue #4 sounds like good timing for that! While the pacing seems action-friendly, there’s still nothing wrong with the characterisation: our cast list is nicely fully formed on the page, especially Strayer himself, and delightfully drawn by Juan Gedoen and Tamra Bonvillian; Bonvillian especially, her colours are earthy and warm and she gives the book a solid ephemeral feel, even as Gedeon’s lines are solid, sharp and striking. The result is a St. Hubbins/Tufnel ying and yang… And just as rock’n’roll, too.

Down from two books to one, that’s fine… But STRAYER is still a great rollicking read to be getting on with. AD&D fans, tabletop board-gamers: pick this up, you won’t be disappointed.

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image - AfterShock Comics (Strayer #3, cover Juan Gedeon & Tamra Bonvillain)STRAYER #3

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Juan Gedeon

Colours: Tamra Bonvillain

Cover Art: Juan Gedeon

“The world is full of monsters.  Strayer kills them, but, of course, for a small fee… Nothing is free. Mala does magic of a sort… sometimes when she wants, sometimes not… She may be the only one who can save the world and Strayer is going to help her… whether he likes it or not…

From the popular creators behind the LUTHER STRODE trilogy, SPREAD, and GHOST RACERS. 

ISSUE #3: Blood-crazed Kashas all around our heroes! Bandits beside them! An army coming to kill them! Strayer and Mala have had better days..

Action / Adventure, 32 Pages, Rating: 15+

Release Date: 30th March 2016 / Full Colour / Diamond Code: JAN161026

Click HERE to buy this comic digitally from ComiXology: STRAYER #3

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Here’s the release schedule for the rest of April…

poster - AfterShock Comics (upcoming releases April 2016)

And here’s a sneak peak at the Steve Epting variant cover for AMERICAN MONSTER #2, which lucky fans will be able to pick up from SC Comic Con – AfterShock will be able to be found at Booth #802-804 (as will members of the AfterShock Team, including Paul Jenkins, Steve Epting, Wilfredo Torres and Joe Pruett) if you just so happen to be in the neighbourhood this weekend (2nd-3rd April 2016).

image - AfterShock Comics (American Monster #2, variant cover 'SC Comic Con')

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