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logo - Aftershock ComicsAFTERSHOCK COMICS Releases: December 2015

Each week, we take a look at the forthcoming AFTERSHOCK COMICS titles available in stores, and in digital format, giving you a comprehensive guide to your comics pull list.

The intention with the PULL LIST posts is to give a weekly guide to books available on the shelves so you can head out and pick up titles that might tickle your fancy. However, thanks to some tricky email issues at my end and some mixed signals at the other, AEISD has had delivered in one fowl swoop preview copies of a book released this week (SUPERZERO) but also books launched two weeks back (REPLICA), last Wednesday (inSEXts) and next week, too (DREAMING EAGLES)! So, consider this not only a catch-up but an extended preview as AFTERSHOCK COMICS has one hell of a festive season lined up!

After much anticipation, here there are: the first issues from a brand new comics publisher, heralding a truly staggering talent roster straight out of the gate. (Well, of course, it does help when your Editor-In-Chief is an acclaimed comics bod who’s worked with every talent worth naming, Mike Marts, and your publisher is a man with literally every name under the sun in his Roladex, Joe Pruett.)

Four debut titles hit the shelves from AFTERSHOCK COMICS this week, demonstrating not only Marts’ commitment for high quality creator owned properties – and they are stunning, without exception – but also AfterShock‘s desire to have one of the most varied lines out there under one banner. This really is a mixed bag:

  • This is how it starts. for heavens sake! Opening the titles in alphabetical order, first up, you get the most hard-hitting and heart-wrenching of the four books: Garth Ennis and Simon Coleby present an emotional and timely story of what it means to be a coloured man of family, of conscience and of harrowing conflict in 1966 America… DREAMING EAGLES
  • …straight into a much more Lovecraftian tale – inSEXts – from which explodes (literally!) straight out of the gate in a lavish, sexy and incredibly packed first issue from Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina
  • …’Muliplicity-meets-Babylon 5‘ in the wonderfully rendered REPLICA – featuring incredible panels from Andy Clarke – with writer Paul Jenkins throwing in all sorts of sci-fi references and asides to come up with something acerbic, action-packed and downright fun…
  • …and finally, superhero comics go completely meta as a young girl lets her imagination run wild – and also totally away from her, at every possible level! SUPERZERO is a bright, zippy and infectious read, with incredible art from Rafeal de Latorre – but then, did you expect anything less than brilliant from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, really?

I’ve put pocket reviews of these debut issues at the bottom of each of our previews below – hope you enjoy my little takes on these ace books. And congrats to everyone at AfterShock for such a stunning first week – I can’t wait to see what else you come up with next! (Brian Azzarello and Juan Doe‘s AMERICAN MONSTER is set to land of the 20th January, Justin Jordan and Juan Gedeon‘s STRAYER the week after and SECOND SIGHT from David Hine and Alberto Ponticelli arriving in February… Watch this space.)

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Cover Artist(s): ANDY CLARKE

“Meet Trevor Carter, an Earth-born peacekeeping agent on the intergalactic hub known as The Transfer. When Trevor’s already near impossible assignment becomes a bit too much for the errant detective, he turns to the only logical ap-proach, Replication. More of a good thing can’t hurt, right?

A single clone could be helpful; unfortunately the replication process doesn’t go as planned! Written by Eisner-award winning author Paul Jenkins (Wolverine: Origin, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man) and art superstar Andy Clarke (Batman, Judge Dredd), this monthly series promises to be fun, daring, adventurous and most times, quite offensive.

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Mature Readers / Full Colour / Code: OCT151049

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LEONARD says: “This is a cracking book – it looks amazing, it’s fantastically written… my gods, it cracks on at one hell of a pace! – but I did get a little distracted by all of the different sources that the plot pulls from: BABYLON 5, BLADE RUNNER, TOTAL RECALL, MULTIPLICITY… I think I could’ve handled one or two in the first issue but all in one go?! It’s a lot of handle! Thank goodness, the final stretch teases a storyline that can stand on its own two feet…”

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inSEXTts #1



“At the dusk of a century, a pair of vengeful Victorian vixens discover a horrifying power that transforms them into rich and strange new creatures. Armed with their dark, evolving forms, they descend into a world of the cultured and occult, with new senses and new sensuality, to forge a life for themselves and the child of their love.

This new monthly series is the brainchild of writer Marguerite Bennett (A-Force, Angela, Red Sonja) and artist Ariela Kristantina (Wolverines, Deep State), a comic unlike any you’ve seen before!

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 9th December 2015

Mature Readers / Full Colour / Code: OCT151051

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LEONARD says: “The vibe of this book is so rich and opulant, it’s quite addictive – makes you work for it, mind! This first issue is so packed, the sharp sensation of hitting the ground at full tilt, almost falling at that first step, it strikes you from the first pages – the good news, you have the skills and talent of Marguerite Bennett to keep you aloft. And I haven’t seen pencils and shades like this since Stjepan Sejic – just, just lovely.”

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“With great power comes a bit of insanity, anxiety, and a dash of social alienation! Have you ever fantasized about being a super hero? Well Dru Dragowski does; that’s all this nineteen-year-old, comic book obsessed, high school senior thinks about. She needs to escape the normalcy of suburban life! Her plan? To become a real-life superhero by recreating the origins of her favourite comic characters! Hopefully then, she can become a hero not only for herself – but to protect every-one around her! If only that plan went just the slightest bit right…

This fun, teen-agnst filled monthly series is created by the sensational writing duo that brings you Harley Quinn and Starfire – Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner.

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 16th December 2015

All Ages / Full Colour / Code: OCT151053

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LEONARD says: “My favourite of the bunch! This book left me breathless with how hard I laughed, how fun it was falling across the references (both pop culture and comic industry) and how hard I recognised the infantile desire to actually become those heroes in tights! And Palmiotti and Conner have only gone and created the coolest, quirkiest and appealing female characters in comics. Yes, even more than Squirrel Girl!”

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“Inspired by true events, DREAMING EAGLES tells the story of the first African American fighter pilots to join the United States Army Air Force in WWII and whose humble beginnings in Tuskegee, Alabama propelled them into the deadly skies above Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

Not only were they instrumental against the Nazi war machine, but also braved an equally great challenge, overcoming everyday bigotry amongst their fellow American soldiers as well as civilians at home. High in the heavens, they fought a battle that would change their country and their world forever.

Industry legend Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys, Hellblazer) joins artist Simon Coleby (2000 AD, The Authority) for this high-flying tale of love, war and family.

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 30th December 2015

Mature Readers / Full Colour / Code: OCT151055

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LEONARD says: “Good grief, I knew that Ennis was capable of strong, compelling writing, of course, but nothing prepares you for a story that lives and breathes on this many levels – you are absolutely transported back to the 1960’s and stepping inside the intimate circle of father and son, both discovering their own perceptions of what it is to be a black man, with all the obligations that implies, Masterful storytelling.”


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