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icon - action lab entertainmentACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT Releases: Wednesday 20th April 2016

Each week, we take a look at the forthcoming ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT titles available in stores and in digital, giving you a comprehensive guide to your comics pull list.

Two great books this week – one, continuing the current cross-universe event, spanning the entire range Action Lab titles, and another continuing one of the most popular titles that Action Lab publish. It’s one that’s yet to show its face in ACTIONVERSE… and I’m very curious to see if it will ever happen and how on Earth it would work! We shall see, we shall see:

  • My main concern with the first issue of ACTIONVERSE was its measured pacing – it had strong characters but seemed like it wasn’t sure what to do with them. That concern is swept aside with Issue #2, with the introduction to the event of teen spy/action hero Molly Danger to the mix. One thing I love about this issue is the complete absence of that one element of time travel / alternate universe / paradox stories that can grind things to a halt – the ‘getting up to speed’ comedy of errors, where characters spend two, three, loads of pages getting in a muddle with their new environment and the bizarre situation they’re in. Writer Jamal Igle skips all of this by trusting his characters and trusting his audience – how refreshing! Likewise, his artwork seems to be in nicely relaxed mode with confident panels and dynamic action, and I’m also pleased to see that this event is keeping a bright, vibrant tone… Makes a change for one of these multiverse things, which have usually been all dark and dingy. Let’s keep this one light, Action Lab!
  • Last week saw Jeremy Whitely launch into the new arc on the core Princeless title, most certainly aimed at the younger reader – here he barrels on with issue #7 of his more mature, edgier book, PRINCELESS: RAVEN THE PIRATE PRINCESS. It’s sharper, sexier and all-in-all the more challenging read; you have to pay more attention and have a more grown-up sense of the world. Less pre-teens, more stirring of the loins. Not to say that it’s all boobs and swears, of course, just a more mature form of storytelling and perfectly pitched to a specific age range and target audience. There’s stuff here that the boys could enjoy but this book will most certainly get blood pumping and the heart racing for any young girls reading. It’s affirmative stuff and the comic stand is better for it.

Love it, love it, love it. Like I say, I’m not sure if we’ll ever see the PRINCELESS characters making an appearance in the ACTIONVERSE arrangement but, hey, this is comics and anything’s possible. I’ll be paying very close attention, just in case it happens…!

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Click on the thumbnails and galleries for hi-res previews of these releases:


image - Action Lab (Actionverse #2, cover Jamal Igle)ACTIONVERSE FEATURING MOLLY DANGER (Part 2 of 6)

Writer: Jamal Igle
Artist: Jamal Igle
Colours: Ross Hughes

Cover Artists: Jamal Igle
Variant Cover Artists: Ron Frenz, Marc Deering, Ross Campbell and David Bednarski (connecting variant cover)

“The transdimensional epic that is ACTIONVERSE has come to our universe as Cascade and Jake Roth meet MOLLY DANGER…and the universe will never be the same! And don’t look now, but Virtue (from FRACTURE) has arrived!

32 pages / Rated: A (9+) / Full Colour

Click on the Gallery to check out Preview Pages of this issue:

ACTIONVERSE #2: variant interconnecting cover

ACTIONVERSE #2: variant interconnecting cover

image - Action Lab (Princeless Raven The Pirate Princess #7, cover Rosy Higgins & Ted Brandt)PRINCELESS: RAVEN THE PIRATE PRINCESS #7

Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artists: Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt

Cover Artists: Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt

“Raven is down! Katie is out! Ximena and her team are cornered! Sunshine and her team are about to be ambushed! Now it’s on the rest of Raven’s crew to step up and save the day or their first adventure may be their last!

32 pages / Rated: A (9+) / Full Colour

Click on the Gallery to check out Preview Pages of this issue:

image - Action Lab (Princeless Raven The Pirate Princess #7, variant cover)

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