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ACTION_LAB_DANGERZONE_adjust4ACTION LAB DANGER ZONE Releases: Wednesday 13th April 2016

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We’ve talked about this time-travel,  book before – we said that, once it got off its Isaac Asimov STATUE FOR FATHER jumpstart and strove to become it’s own book, then VORACIOUS would become interesting in terms of seeing what the book would evolve into. Well, guess what? That’s exactly what happens here.

  • Markisan Naso‘s VORACIOUS hits its third issue running and, pretty much instantly, has you in its sights. Coming into a dino-hunt (first a bloody encounter between the animals themselves, and then with the humans picking up arms), Nate bonds with his new tooled-up, former-Ranger hunting partner. The relationship between the two comes across as natural and organic, and the banter is real – you get why these two would become friends. Nate needs a foil to bounce off (something that’s been lacking in the two previous issues) and Jim needs something to shoot at and focus on. The action is still prevalent throughout but all the underlying tension of the first two issues takes a back burner as we see these two bond in the wilderness – writer Markisan Naso recognises the need to cut down on the thought panels and give his characters, especially his lead, someone to bounce off, 70 million years in the past. While the background threats to Nate’s happy existence have been, in the last two issues, very much creeping and insidious, here they’re more overt, giving the reader a chance to breathe a bit, instead of turning the page with ensuing dread – the risks to Nate and his endeavours are still there but they’re now a little more out in the open, so to speak: less TWIN PEAKS, more, yes, JURASSIC PARK… This doesn’t mean that life is a complete breeze for Nate and he’s still finding himself on the back foot when he returns to present day. Just to say, as well, the artwork remains on this book at an impressively high level and artist Jason Muhr and colourist Andrei Tabacaru both kick it up a notch this issue. Looks like the characters on the page aren’t the only one, getting into a groove and relaxing, on VORACIOUS.

VORACIOUS #3 is available on in stores from Wednesday – don’t be put off by the bombastic ‘guys with guns, taking on dinos’ cover, there’s more wit and flair here than you’d imagine. I say, give it a punt.

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image - Action Lab Danger Zone (Voracious #3, cover Jason Muhr & Jeffery Veregge)VORACIOUS #3

Writer: Markisan Naso
Artist / Cover Artist: Jason Muhr
Variant Cover: Jeffery Veregge

“JURASSIC PARK MEETS TOP CHEF! Haunted by the death of his sister, Chef Nate Willner has lost his desire to cook. Forced to move back to his hometown in Utah and work at a coffee shop, Nate’s life is quickly becoming a dead end. But when he unexpectedly inherits a time travel suit that takes him to the age of dinosaurs, Nate’s passion for cooking is reignited!

MAKING YOU DELICIOUS MEALS… ONE GOOD DINOSAUR AT A TIME! Nate gets a hunting partner. Starlee wonders why the bill for meat is so low. Maribel’s mental state takes a turn for the worse. The Sheriff starts to dig up Tony’s past. An actual use for T-Rex arms is revealed!  

Featuring a “Happy Meal” variant cover by award-winning, Native American artist, Jeffrey Veregge (RED WOLF)! Limited to 1500 copies.”

Action, Adventure / English / T+ / 32 pages

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VORACIOUS #3: variant cover art, Jeffrey Veregge

VORACIOUS #3: variant cover art, Jeffrey Veregge

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