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Capcom today released their list of products they will have for sale at Toyko Game Show. The show which is open to the public on September 23rd and 24th will see Capcom bringing lots of merchandise from their massive library of games. Among the lines represented will be their new MONSTER HUNTER game (which you can read more about here), MEGA MANSTREET FIGHTERRESIDENT EVIL, and more.

Full information along with pictures and prices (in Yen) are below courtesy of Capcom’s blog.

Check out some of the amazing Capcom products at Tokyo Game Show!

Tokyo Game Show has begun, bringing with it a ton of gaming news and excitement over the next few days. Like many other industry events around the world, TGS has days open to the public – September 23rd and 24th – and that means fans from around the globe will travel to Chiba, Japan to get their hands on not just the latest games, but all sorts of cool swag and products to purchase! Capcom will be there too, with plenty of items available for purchase right at the show. Read on for just a handful of what you can find at the Capcom Goods Shop, located in Hall 10!

A monster-sized selection of items are available for Monster Hunter! A selection of items featuring the Monster Hunter: World emblem are available for sale, including shirts, keychains, and mugs. You can also grab a sticker set from B-SIDE LABEL featuring the Anjanath, a brand-new monster for Monster Hunter: World, and the ghillie suit, a useful item when you need to hide in a pinch. Monster Hunter fans can also dig into hoodies, jackets, plush toys, and more to complete their collection (or their armor set)!

Want to buy some Street Fighter merch at the booth? Shoryuken! What do you mean you’ve heard that one before? A great selection of Street Fighter products will be available, including B-SIDE LABEL sticker sets featuring your favorite “World Warriors,” keychains, and a 30th anniversary t-shirt featuring Akuma.

Got a selection of good things on sale, stranger. Celebrate the history of Resident Evil from the original game all the way to the modern day with mugs bearing the logos of S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella, and t-shirts celebrating both BIOHAZARD 7 (Resident Evil’s name in Japan) and the free Not a Hero DLC coming out this December. Stay healthy and hydrated with a first aid thermo bottle, too. You wouldn’t want your skin to get… itchy….

Celebrate the pure platforming of the Blue Bomber’s adventures with retro-styled Mega Man collectables! Featuring classic designs and iconic 8-bit styles, t-shirts, keychains, and tote bags are all available for sale. The B-SIDE LABEL stickers feature some great callbacks, including Mega Man jumping and shooting, and an E Tank sticker swapping out the classic blue canister for dozens of 8-bit sprites.

There’s even more available at the Capcom Goods Shop, including B-SIDE LABEL stickers featuring Amaterasu from Okami and a selection of characters from Dai Gyakuten Saiban, the Japan-only side story series to the Ace Attorney series. There’s even more beyond what you’ve seen in this post, so if you’re at TGS, be sure to stop by the Capcom Goods Shop to see for yourself!

The Capcom Goods Shop is located in Hall 10, which can be easily found from the central entrance. If you aren’t at the show, don’t worry! We’ll be procuring some of the above products to give away in the future, so keep an eye on our Twitch streamsTwitter, and Facebook!

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