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Lost amongst the Oscar madness was the teaser trailer dropped by Netflix for their upcoming original film, BRIGHT. Will Smith and David Ayer are teaming again after their latest project, Suicide Squad. Which by the way won a freaking Oscar?!? BRIGHT has Smith playing an LAPD cop who teams up with an Orc, played by Joel Edgerton, to search for an all powerful weapon. This looks to be End of Watch meets Lord of the Rings.

Joel Edgerton appears to be completely done up by CGI similar to Killer Croc from Suicide Squad. The film had plenty of suitors but ultimately Ayer chose Netflix because of the creative freedom they have provided their properties in the past. Not sure if you can read into that or not when it comes to his relationship with DC/WB. This is to be a hard rated R movie and I can’t wait till we get a full trailer to see where this is going.

BRIGHT is an upcoming American science fiction fantasy film directed by David Ayer and written by Ayer and Max Landis. A human detective and a hulking Orc spring into action as evil forces scrap to seize control of an all-powerful wand. The film stars Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, and Lucy Fry. This will be a NETFLIX original film releasing December 2017.


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