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Star Wars Celebration is not a galaxy, that far away, now – being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, over the weekend of Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th April 2017 – and fans will be eager to pick up all their favourite SW-related goodies, including those prized one-offs and exclusives available on the Exhibition Floor.

Amongst those highly-desirable goodies are to be found on the Funko Stand, currently being announced in Waves on their blog. Anyone that’s wanting even a shot of getting their hands on these vinyl hobgoblins MUST enter an online lottery, which is open now: if you’re trying for places in the queues, best of luck!

Here’s the details of this years Star Wars Celebration Funko Exclusives:

WAVE ONE: (Tuesday 21st March, 2017)

POP Deluxe, Star Wars – #174, Rey with Speeder

POP Vinyl, Star Wars – #127, Garindan (Empire Spy)

POP Vinyl, Star Wars – #169, Han Solo (Action Pose)

POP Vinyl, Star Wars – #128, Qui Gon Jinn (Holographic)

POP Vinyl, Star Wars Rebels – #133, Chopper (Imperial Disguise)

POP Wobblers, Star Wars – Boba Fett (Proto Suit)


WAVE TWO: (Thursday 23rd March, 2017)

POP Vinyl, Star Wars – #125, Princess Leia (Hoth)

POP Vinyl, Star Wars Rebels – #170, Grand Admiral Thrawn

POP Vinyl, Star Wars – #171, 442nd Clone Trooper

POP Mini Hikari, Star Wars – Green & Gold Greedo 2-pack

POP Mini Hikari, Star Wars – Blue & Clear (Green Glitter) Greedo 2-pack

Galactic Plushies, Star Wars – Jabba The Hutt & Salacious B. Crumb 2-pack

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