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You know that when Gentle Giant aim to put out something special, they really pull out all the stops (you really should check out the bust mockups they’ve unveiled for their Premier Guild club membersthe Obi-Wan Kenobi 1:6 Mini Bust is to die for!). But it’s Star Wars Celebration coming up, soon to be held at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando (Thurs 13th – Sunday 16th April, 2017), it’s the Saga’s 40th Birthday Bash, and the Giant have looked back to where it all began – EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE – for their exclusives this year.

A Club Member and good friend to AEISD has shared with us the promo poster for the two figures, able to be bought from Booth #3132, on the Dealers Floor: the first is a gorgeous rendering of the first image of Han Solo that was seen by the world, the pre-production artwork by legendary SW concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie.

Ending up with a bit more waistcoat, a lot more swagger and a SHEDLOAD more Harrison Ford/swashbuckley-ness in the final film, it also showed the original idea for Solo from George Lucas‘ script – that of a Force user, complete with lightsaber, serving as the wizard mentor role to ‘Luke Starkiller’, ultimately replaced later by that giant fibber and master manipulator Obi-Wan Kenobi. (Don’t get me started.)

Now Gentle Giant have taken that rendering and produced something truly lovely – a staggeringly detailed and textured mini bust which will be a must-buy for the old skool hardcore fans out there (y’know, the ones that refuse to even acknowledge the Prequels even exist, for heavens sake!). No price point for it yet, but watch this space.

And then they’ve also produced something that will, no doubt, be a little further down the price bracket – and down the Star Wars food chain. You may not have lost many sleepless night, wondering exactly what the creature under the waterline in the Trash Compactor actually looked like, but now you can find out, with this 1:6 scale jumbo series Dianoga Trash Monster figure in vintage styling box, looking like it stepped right off a Toys’R’Us shelf from 1977. It’s even got accompanying foam pieces that you’ll never lose because you’re never, EVER taking it out of the box. Ever.

Again, no price point yet but we’re guessing it won’t exactly break the bank. But this is STAR WARS, so you never know, right? We’ll get back to you.

That Han Solo mini bust, though. Mmmmmmmm…

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