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Force Friday is going to held over the weekend of the 1st to 3rd of September and is basically Christmas for STAR WARS fans, as dozens of toys, promo merch and collectibles gets rolled out at stores across the planet, ramping up the anticipation for the upcoming movie, THE LAST JEDI, due this December.

Over 200,000 stores worldwide will be hosting midnight openings and special parties for the dedicated hardcore, hoping to get their grubby hands on the latest LEGO, Hasbro, Funko and more-o gear – and, if they happen to have the STAR WARS app installed on their phones, there’s going to be another reason to get themselves into the shops.

Lucasfilm have announced that participating stores will also be featuring special branding throughout, which users can scan with the app (available on iOS and Android) and then see and interact with characters in augmented reality, allowing them take screenshots and videos to share with their friends. Because nothing screams ‘adjusted, well-balanced individual’ more than talking to an imaginary Admiral Ackbar in the middle of a shopping centre at midnight.

Either way, the whole thing could be fun, especially if those darn cute Porgs are involved! (UPDATE: Yes! Yes! They ARE involved!!)

And full kudos to Lucasfilm for putting two women front and centre of the promotional material for the app – something I wholeheartedly approve of, especially after reading the bloody online responses to the release of FORCES OF DESTINY


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