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WARNING! There be spoilers here! Yar!!

Yes, we’ll be getting into the meat and potatoes of this latest release from Marvel and Funko with lots of lovely pics in this post, and the last thing we want to do is spoil it for anyone who has happened to click on here without care and doesn’t want the surprise ruining for them. So, here’s your last chance if you’ve ordered this box. No turning back. No regrets, no recriminations. All good?


Really? We all okay?


Good. Excellent. Let’s dive in, then.

One thing we can’t level at Marvel or Funko anymore is the accusation that they’re not listening. Those of us that have been collecting these subscription boxes for a while have had the feeling that we’ve been stuck in the same routine: the same kind of items, presented in an increasingly predictable fashion. Something needed shaking up. And that’s exactly what they’ve done for this, their October 2017 box, themed around the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe release, THOR: RAGNAROK.

The first thing you notice is the size of the box, and it’s the first clue that we are dealing with a totally different type of Collector Corps box than usual. It’s slightly unsettling. Smaller in width and depth than a comic book, the first thought is: what have they actually fit into this thing?

Can’t knock the quality of box artwork, though: that remains consistent, with Hela taking pride of place on the top of the box and our two clashing gladiators going at it inside. It’s all very cinematic and channels you into the goodies inside. Which, for our first change from the norm, isn’t a fold-out flap with a patch and pin combo glued to the top – okay, we really are going for something different.

First item out of the box is a grey polyester ARENA HULK BEANIE HAT, printed with Hulk’s battle tattoo up and over the top of the Beanie and sewn with a silicone badge with a Funko-fied Arena Hulk, giving it the full gurn. It’s a one-size fits all, a little small for my liking but it’ll stretch out like Banner’s pants for most bonces. It’s a change from the tees, I guess, and the first clue that we’re switching things up. We fold that to one side and continue inside.

Once the beanie is out of the way, you spot that the box dimension is mostly made up of two POP!’s and the rest of the contents, squirreled down the slim gap left down the side. We’ll leave the POP!’s until last and pull out the other items.

Next up is a BRANDED FOUR MAGNET SET, featuring Thor, Loki, Hulk and Hela, smirking mischievously. I’m not overly familiar with the rest of the ever-growing Funko family but I don’t recognise the styling of the characters – are they Rock Candy? Are they Vynl.’s? Not entirely sure, but they’re not in the recognisable Funko POP! design so there’s that. Something to stick on the fridge, I guess. Moving on.


I’ve been doing my best to keep these things  at bay as the latest fad of the day, in much the same way as I avoided Tamagotchis. I’m certain they serve a purpose for some people and they’re all in fun, I guess: I’m just not interested. Oh, well. I suppose one in the house won’t kill me – and with Funko-fied Thor, Hulk and Valkyrie on one side and Loki, Hela and Gamesmaster on the other, at least it’s on brand. Pretty weighty, too.

Speaking of which, I’ve said this on numerous occasions: the METAL ENAMEL PIN that comes with Collector Corps boxes in the past are usually particularly mighty – here, we have a Hela pin which has been made from a different metal this time and doesn’t have the same heft to it as usual. Might actually be able to wear this one on a t-shirt without it pulling the fabric out of shape. Okay, alright: another small improvement.

Speaking of change, our next item out of the box is… er, a PACK OF PLAYING CARDS. Erm, okay. This is another first for the Collector Corps boxes and, I guess, might come in handy to while away that time in line for the THOR: RAGNAROK midnight screening. Featuring some MCU Concept Artist Andy Park-styled artwork on all the backings, no real tie to any Funko branding, they’re, erm, playing cards. No more, no less and not a great deal more I can say, to be honest.

Have we got to the POP!’s yet? Yes. Yes, we have. It’s what we came for and and there’s two of them to take in. And they’re gorgeous!

Let’s start with POP! MARVEL, THOR RAGNAROK – #247 THOR, in full blown Arena Battle armour, as we’ve seen so far in the trailers. It’s a stunning sculpt, full of detail and brilliantly rendered. Someone has seriously taken their time on putting this together at Funko HQ and the effort has really paid off.

I suspect that someone has also has a word with the Manufacturing Team in Vietnam, too, because this isn’t some slipshod paint job, either. Sharp on the edges, intricate in some rather hard-to-reach spots, I’d almost think that a new machine has been installed on the factory floor. Bravo, RoboPaint 4000. Please don’t kill us all when the machine uprising takes place.

And last but not least, you’ve got POP! MARVEL, THOR RAGNAROK – #248 LOKI, also dressed in regalia we’ve seen in the trailers, notably the scene where he’s all shiv-ved up and ready to stick ’em where the sun don’t shine.

Again, this is another wonderfully designed sculpt and really well painted, especially on his tunic and arm-and-shoulder pads. His eyebrows are sharp and full of expression – appropriate for our man, Tom Hiddleston – and really gives the figure real attitude. Marvellous.

And there you have it – with just the REFERENCE CARD rounding things off and teasing subscribers of the December box, which with be Hulk-themed (classic Marvel Comics Hulk, fingers crossed), that’s your lot. Some big changes in a small package. Changes for the better? That you’ll just have to let us know in the comments below.

MARVEL COLLECTOR CORPS, POWERED BY FUNKO is a bi-monthly subscription service, supplying exclusive collectible items for dedicated Marvel and Funko fans. The THOR: RAGNAROK box has now lapsed from availability for new subscribers but fresh members will receive the HULK box with their subscription, starting in December. The subscriptions are priced at $150* for the Hero Subscription (12 month, six boxes, plus annual bonus gift) and $25* for the Collector Subscription (recurring priced per box, cancelable at any time).

Sign up today at www.collectorcorps.com!

[*plus Shipping/Handling and Taxes]

Disclaimer: this box has been provided with kind generosity by Funko for review purposes.

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  1. I only buy these for the Pops! really, but I usually enjoy most of the other contents. Not this time however. The beanie, magnets and the fidget spinner are unforgivable crap. The deck of cards looks cheap and is useless to me. FUNKO stop making random crap and stick to what you do best (aside from Dorbz, those are your most product ever!)

    Overall, pretty disappointed….nice Pops!, but perhaps the worst box yet!

    Silver lining: At least there wasn’t one of those extremely crap mugs!!!!

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