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Spidey has always been a personal favourite comics character of mine – of yours, too, I imagine, which is why we’re all so eager to see if Tom Holland and Michael Keaton can knock it out of the park as protagonist/antagonist accordingly, in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING movie.

To whet our appetite for the film, Marvel in conjunction with Funko, have brought us a Spidey-themed Collector Corps box for June 2017. Filled with exclusive goodies, only available in this subscription box, there’s non-stop web-slinging fun from the top down. And good news, webheads: absolutely zero Tony Stark in this box! Phew!

Shall we dive in? Why not, eh?

First up, out of the nicely art-adorned box and resting on the top shelf as you open it, is our now-traditional METAL ENAMEL PIN and STITCHED PATCH. It follows the theme throughout the box of baddies-vs-goodies, with the pin showing off a almost-neon stylised Spider-Man logo in blue and red, and the Vulture (played in the film by Keaton) giving it the full glare on the patch.

Usual high quality, usual curiosity about where to put the damn things (I think the Nerd Fu have the right idea, they’re stitching the patches to a hung fabric which they’ve framed, I believe), usual mighty weight to the pin to pull and ruin any t-shirts you may place on. Stick to the fleeces or jackets with these, is my suggestion.

Speaking of tees, the next item we reach is a PRINTED COTTON T-SHIRT, which has a logo for the Midtown High School Of Science & Technology which is shown as ‘established in 1962’, referring to Spider-Man’s first appearance in Marvel Comics. Nice touch. It’s also nicely obscure as a tee for the hardcore Spidey fan and ideal for midnight screenings when the film hits cinemas, on 5th July.

Underneath that, we have a VARIANT COVER #1 COMIC for the new PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN book, written by Chip Zdarsky, art from Adam Kubert and colours from the hardly-taking-time-off-to-breathe genius that is Jordie Bellaire. I’ve yet to read the book, myself (as my copy is currently sat waiting for collection in my LCBS) but I’ve heard very good things and I can’t wait to dive in. From this creative team, I expect nothing but excellence. Excellence, I say, excellence, damn you! No pressure…

We then reach the lowest tier of the box, with a compartment for the POP! Funko figure on the left and two MYSTERY MINI FIGURES on the right. Let’s hit those first.

The first thing that strikes me is that, these are hardly ‘Mystery Mini’s when the characters inside are listed and detailed on the outer box – kind of ruins the surprise element. But still, it’s good to see good-vs-bad represented again with one figure being a nicely detailed sculpt of the Shocker (who I’m guessing will be a henchman for the Vulture in the movie – again, not long to go before we find out) and the other being Spider-Man in full Thwip! mode, prone and extending  his web-shooters… Well, that’s not all he’s extending!!

The bobble head on my review copy had been attached a little back-to-front, so to speak, meaning Spidey was giving a coquettish look, over his shoulder, with his bum stuck out! I’m certain this wasn’t the intention but the image of Spidey giving it ‘full twerk’ has had me giggling for the rest of the day – I’ve still got a grin on my face. I can’t WAIT to show this to t’Missus…!

Hoo-ooo! [wipes tear] Take a breath, Leonard! Tee-hee! And on to the Main Event, the final item inside.

This POP! FUNKO: SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING – #220 SPIDER-MAN figure is beautifully rendered, showing off the Stark tech that Peter has been granted by his favourite genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist benefactor. The eye cowls are nicely detailed, showing the shifting grooves giving Spidey the expressionism he showed in the comics, along with dimple grills in the eye-pieces themselves. Tasty.

That, on top of a cracking sculpt of the main body, featuring translucent plastic web-underarms which we have seen in the trailers, with Spidey utilising them in gliding over the top of a helicopter. Smooth moves, dude! It’s a great figure which, while not the dynamic of poses, is still a bold and powerful addition to any Marvel POP! fans collection.

And there you have it: another cracking subscription box from the Funko boys and girls. All the items I’ve listed here are exclusive to this box so the only way you can get your hands on them is by subscribing to the service – head to www.collectorcorps.com to get hold of yours today. And sign up for next months box, why don’t you? It’s themed around the First Appearance of the Avengers, with the classic line-up of The Vision, Iron Man, Thor, The Scarlet Witch and Captain America (although the insert card also shows Firebird, who didn’t make her first appearance until 1981 in THE INCREDIBLE HULK #265, and who I’m guessing is Goliath – formerly Ant-Man, who appeared in Avengers #2 in November 1963). I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this box – any opportunity for me to get my hands on an Old School Scarlet Witch, I’m down with. I’ll review on arrival. Till next time…

Thanks to Funko for providing me with a complementary review box for this subscription issue – I appreciate the gratuity, always!

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