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Here at An Englishman in San Diego, we always like checking out new independent comics, and recently we had a chance to check out THE BAWDY TALES OF LAZLO CAFE from Andrew Maxwell (writer) and Goran Gligović (artist). The forty-eight page title will be available for pre-orders on Tuesday, July 10th via their Kickstarter.

Andrew Maxwell was kind enough to give us a copy to read, and I have to say it is a pretty interesting read, if you’re a fan of sci-fi titles, you should definitely give it a shot.

Here’s some more information about title (as well as artwork) courtesy of their press release:

Overview: THE BAWDY TALES OF LAZLO CAFE is a rollicking 48 page, saucy ride of delightful smutty fun, created by Andrew Maxwell and Goran Gligović. If you’re a fan of films like OCEAN’S 11 or THE THOMAS CROWNE AFFAIR, and sci-fi in the vein of THE FIFTH ELEMENT or CASANOVA, then you’ll love Lazlo.


Story Synopsis: Our story takes place in a futuristic Paris, filled with interdimensional time portals, following an explosion of a literal time bomb. However, instead of erupting into chaos, the city became a unique ecosystem of different eras existing simultaneously together. Dinosaurs, samurai, and flying cars are just a few of the things you might see on the city streets. The protagonist of this tale is an ex-gigolo turned art dealer, who uses this new set of circumstances to profit and acquire art. He has recently been tasked with finding the city’s most notorious gangster’s stolen painting, or suffer the consequences. Oh, and did we mention this mobster is his ex-boyfriend? 

Where to find the book: The book is fully finished, and the correlating Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders will launch on Tuesday, July 10th. In the meantime, interested readers can follow all updates and artwork on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LazloCale/

The Team

  • Art: Goran Gligovic 
  • Writer: Andrew Maxwell
  • Letters: Bernardo Brice
  • Logo/Cover Design: Sonia Harris
  • Interior Designs/ Pre-Press / Editorial Assistance: Adam Pruett

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