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We’ve already had one exclusive short from director Luke Scott as part of the promotion for Denis Villeneuve‘s BLADE RUNNER 2049 – vignettes which tell stories to bridge the gap between the events of the original film and the new film, due for release in a few weeks time.

Now, in this second short – ‘Nowhere To Run’ – Dave Bautista‘s mysterious Sapper Morton exists on the fringes of society, trying – and not completely succeeding – to stay under the radar. Not entirely sure we buy a pack of street rats, physically intimidating a guy the size of a brick shithouse but, hey, we’ll extend some artistic licence on this one and at least Bautista shows what he’s made of by the end of the short. ‘Not someone you’d piss off in a dark alley’, indeed.

Villeneuve’s intro speaks to calling on artists that he admires to make the three films and yet the first two have been made by Luke Scott, the son of original BLADE RUNNER director, Ridley. Nice to have contacts in the industry, right? (Yes, yes, I’m fully aware Luke directed the rather fine MORGAN, don’t spoil a perfectly decent nepotism gag.)

Check out Luke’s first short here, enjoy the second above, and we’ll post the third when it drops. Busy busy busy…

BLADE RUNNER 2049 is an upcoming sequel to the influential RIDLEY SCOTT 1982 sci-fi classic. Directed by Denis Villeneuve (ARRIVAL), and starring Ryan Gosling, Dave Bautista, Ana de Armas, Mackenzie Davis, LENNIE JAMES, Carla JuriRobin Wright and, reprising his role at Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford, the film introduces a new Blade Runner, LAPD Officer K, who discovers a dark secret that could bring an end to humanity. The discovery leads him to a former blade runner who disappeared thirty years ago. BLADE RUNNER 2049 is scheduled for a United States release date of 6th October 2017.

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