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It’s been a busy twenty four hours for LEGION fans, eager for more info on the second season of the FX / Marvel Television mindbender. Not only have they been treated to a shiny new, dance-filled trailer – showcasing some fine moves from star DAN STEVENS (David Haller) and Jeremie Harris (Ptonomy Wallace), possibly as part of a showdown between Legion and a body-inhabiting Shadow King – but LEGION social media has also had some more treats in store.

The first sign of new treats came in the form of a truly odd motion poster, implying that we will once again be treated to threats without – and within:

And then, a few hours later, Stevens himself shared on Twitter a fantastic season poster which stands up against the iconic, psychedelic Season One art which adorned the side of the Hilton Bayfront Hotel during San Diego Comic Con 2017 – we can only imagine how this beauty could look, multiple stories high, this July.

image: @thatdanstevens, Twitter

To be fair, fans of the series don’t have to wait too long – the show returns for its second season on Tuesday 3rd April in the US. No word yet on when it hits UK screens but the show did follow American screenings pretty rapidly and we can only hope we’ll be seeing the same timetable for this return.

What do we think – suitably mind-warping for you? Are we up for some more Aubrey Plaza-wonderfulness? (Silly question – she was the gem of the first season!) Comments on your thoughts, below.

And here’s the standard of what this promo work has to live up to, shot by Yours Truly in San Diego last year…

image credit: AEISD

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