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icon - marvel comics (thumbnail).JPGThis will be rather good news for anyone concerned that the not-so-Good Doctor Aphra may not survive the events of Marvel’s DARTH VADER series, that comes to a close tomorrow with the release of issue #25…

STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #1 – New Ongoing Series Coming This December!

“Because you demanded it! Following the blockbuster finale of DARTH VADER #25, the fan-favorite character begins a new journey in STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #1 – the new ongoing series coming this December! From superstar writer Kieron Gillen (DARTH VADER) and fan-favorite artist Kev Walker (MARVEL ZOMBIES) comes Marvel’s first ongoing series starring an original character created in the comics!


STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #1: cover art, Kamome Shirahama

“What I wanted to do was show what makes Aphra tick,” says writer Kieron Gillen, in an interview with StarWars.com. “That’s the work I feel I’ve got to do with the character, and that kind of push and pull she has between the stuff she does, which is good and bad”.

Following her time in the clutches of Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra has barely escaped with her life. If he ever learns of her survival, he’ll hunt her to the ends of the galaxy. But for now, it’s time for a return to what she does best. With the droids 0-0-0 and BT-1 in tow, she’s off in search of rare artifacts from the galactic center to the Outer Rim and everywhere in between. Aphra’s got debts to pay after all. Just as long as she can stay one step ahead of the Empire, some Bounty Hunters and just about everyone else in the galaxy!

“We all love Aphra so much,” says STAR WARS line Editor Jordan D. White. “We were overjoyed that she found a way to survive the wrath of the Dark Lord. Now, she’s free to continue her rogueish adventures in digging up old droids and weaponry and selling them to the highest bidder…so long as she can stay off the Imperial radar.”

This December, the STAR WARS galaxy expands into thrilling new directions as Doctor Aphra makes her explosive solo debut. It’s high adventure in deep space when STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices everywhere!”


Variant Covers by ELSA CHARRETIER (OCT160977) and JAMIE MCKELVIE (OCT160976)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (OCT160980)
Story Thus Far Variant by SALVADOR LARROCA (OCT160979)
Droids Variant by ROD REIS (OCT160978)
Blank Variant Also Available (OCT160981)

FOC – 11/14/16, On-Sale – 12/7/16

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