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logo__POP_Funko.PNG(UPDATE: 19th May 2015): Following the posting of this press release, a number of readers contacted us to let us know these have already been made available previously as Hot Topic Exclusive Pre-Releases – the release indicated below is now making them a Full Release in all stores in June. If your a POP Funko/Orphan Black fanatic who can’t wait, and if you want to get an Hot Topic Exclusive of ‘Rachel Duncan With A Pencil In The Eye’ – because, hey, who wouldn’t? – head to the Hot Topic website to get yours first!)

They may look the same, if you look deep into their eyes… But, step back a little and you notice the details that make them so different and distinctive.

No, we’re not talking POP Funkos – well, we are a little, obviously – but mostly, we’re talking about the Sisters that are the Orphan Black Clones (played in the hit series by Tatiana Maslany) that have been given the miniaturisation process by the Funko team. Which one will you get Tatiana to sign at her next signing opportunity?

From the POP! Funko press release:


Attention Clone Club! Your favourite sisters are joining the Funko Pop club!

Sarah Manning, Allison Hendrix, Cosima Neihaus and Helena have come together to unite against fellow sister, and Dyad Institute leader, Rachel Duncan.

Can you tell them apart? We sure can’t! They’ll have everyone fooled in stores this June.”

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