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logo__POP_Funko.PNGWe put a whole collection of suggestions forward to Funko‘s Cameron Deuel for future figures and collectibles (on our Talkin’ Comic-Con: A Cup O’ Tea NYCC Special, a couple Sundays ago), with my own sweet Missus requesting a Firefly Ride for her Captain Mal Reynolds figure. I thought that a non-vehicle based Ride might be a little out of the question… Until I clocked the latest addition to the range, with Marvel’s Ant-Man, Scott Lang, astride his insect partner-in-crime in the blockbuster film, Ant-thony.

Along with 80’s cartoon legend Voltron appearing on shelves, these are essential additions to any hardcore Funko collection. And just in time for Chrimbo, too!

From the Funko press release:

Pop! Rides: Ant-Man

Relive the majesty of Marvel’s Ant-Man by collecting Ant-Thony!

The carpenter ant, and Scott Lang’s noble steed, has been immortalized as a Pop! Ride. Just make sure he doesn’t drop Ant-Man again!

Available in December!

Funko POP Rides, Ant-Man: #13, Ant-Man with Ant-thony

Funko POP Rides, Ant-Man: #13, Ant-Man with Ant-thony

Pop! TV: Voltron

The Defender of the Universe is coming to Funko!

When all five robot lions form together they create Voltron! This Pop! figure reflects the true look of the classic 80s cartoon – buy yours today to defend against the forces of evil!

Available in December!

Funko POP Vinyl, Animation - #70, Voltron

Funko POP Vinyl, Animation – #70, Voltron

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