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Titan Entertainment are extremely pleased to announce their upcoming TITANS vinyl exclusives for New York Comic Con 2017 – available at the show only from Titan Entertainment Booth #2142!

From some of the biggest entertainment franchises on the planet – ‘biggest on the planet’ because nearly all of them have Brits involved, we’re just sayin’* – Titan will be bringing these incredible fan favourite plushies to the City That Never Sleeps and, if previous years are to be noted, they’re going to blow up social media in a big way (this is what happens when Matt Smith signs a TITAN of his Twelfth Doctor at his table and shares it on his Instagram!).

Titan Merchandise will be kickstarting the conversation off with the hashtag #WeLoveTITANS over their feeds, on TwitterTumblr and Instagram – follow them today.

(* OVER THE GARDEN WALLPULP FICTION?? C’mon, they’re no Gallifreyans or Starks, are they?)


For the first time, the enigmatic Night King and one of his White Walkers are available to buy as an exclusive GAME OF THRONES 3” TITANS twin-pack – captured with an exclusive-to-NYCC blue icy glow-in-the-dark finish and a javelin accessory, the Northern threat can be yours at Booth #2142!



It wouldn’t be the Titan booth without some DOCTOR WHO greatness and we’re bringing a brand-new exclusive 4.5” blue-tinted glow-in-the-dark TARDIS TITAN to the show! This unique variant on our 4.5” TITAN TARDIS features classic Whovian details like the St John’s Ambulance logo.



Making his 4.5” exclusive TITAN debut at NYCC 2017 is the blood-drenched, post-torture, samurai-sword-wielding & very angry boxer Butch Coolidge – Bruce Willis’s signature character from Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic PULP FICTION. Look out for a matching 3” version of Butch in our upcoming 3” blind-box Pulp Fiction TITANS Collection!



NYCC kicks off October – Halloween month! – and Halloween is always the time for Cartoon Network’s multi-award-winning OVER THE GARDEN WALL! You can see your lost fraternal heroes like never before with Wirt and Greg in an exclusive Snowbound 3” TITANS twin-pack, recreating the final episode of this amazing & beautiful fan favourite! Explore the Unknown with the snow-swept brothers, in the company of Greg’s mysterious singing frog, Jason Funderburker, and their all-knowing, ever-stubborn companion, Beatrice the bluebird!


And finally – it is the time of the PREACHER! Seize the powers of heaven and hell with our 4.5” exclusive Jesse Custer and Bloodsoaked Cassidy TITANS! Jesse comes dressed in his classic bible-thumping preacher outfit (with Holy Bible accessory), while Cassidy is caked in blood after his airplane vampire massacre (and comes with – what else! – a whiskey bottle accessory). Each character is individually window-boxed. Look out for matching 3” versions of Jesse and Cassidy in our upcoming 3” blind-box Preacher TITANS Collection!

NEW YORK COMIC CON takes over the city’s Javitz Centre from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th October 2017 – the show is mostly sold out but stragglers now can purchase Thursday Day Tickets at $45, HERE.

Follow all the action on NYCC’s social media: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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