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Hey, STAR WARS fans who are attending New York Comic ConDel Rey Books will have a special convention edition of their STAR WARS: FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW. The special edition will have exclusive cover art, a 40th anniversary logo stamped into the case of the book, and other features only available to it.

More information is below on how to get the exclusive edition is below courtesy of Unbound Worlds:


STAR WARS book fans coming to New York Comic Con, here’s your chance to buy a special convention edition of STAR WARS: FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW, the 40th anniversary anthology of Star Wars stories by your favorite authors and luminaries!

What’s so Special About the Convention Edition?

  • Exclusive cover art
  • Printed end-papers with silhouette art by STAR WARS artist Chris Trevas
  • a 40th Anniversary logo stamped into the case of the book.
  • Cost: $40

How Can I Get the Exclusive Edition?

There are two ways to get your convention edition. The best way is to attend our special 40th Anniversary Panel. Panel seating is limited and requires a separate ticket purchase, and guarantees you a copy of the exclusive edition. The ticket grants you access to the panel, a copy of the book, and a Star Wars tote bag. Books and bags will be distributed at the panel. As a special bonus, the books that panel attendees receive will be pre-signed by a number of the books contributors. Only books at the panel will be pre-signed.

I Can’t Attend the Panel or Missed Out on Tickets. What Can I Do?

You can still get a copy by picking up a free wristband from the Del Rey Star Wars Booth (Booth 2104). Wristbands are available as follows:

  • Thursday – Sunday, starting when the doors of the main convention show floor open to the general public, we will be giving out wristbands. Wristbands have been set aside for each day.

What Does the Wristband Do?

A wristband allows you to purchase 1 copy of the exclusive edition. Wristbands are specific to each day.  Once you receive a wristband, you can come back to the booth any time from 11:00am – 6:00pm* to complete your transaction and pick up your book. We will NOT be completing transactions and handing out books when wristbands are given out.

*For Sunday, because of the early show closing, you can finalize your purchase anytime from 11:00am until the close of the show at 5:00pm.

Why can’t I just buy the book when I get my wristband?

Mornings tend to be very busy, we want to manage our lines as best as possible. Since a wristband guarantees you a copy of the exclusive edition, it gives you freedom to head to the panels, signings, and other events you want to see before coming back to get your book at a time that works best for you. No need to wait in line for hours just to buy a book.

What happens if I don’t pick up my book on the day I received a wristband?

Wristbands are only valid for the day they were acquired. If you are unable to purchase your book on the specified date on your wristband, you will need to try and acquire a wristband on a different day. Any unclaimed books will be released on Sunday.

How will leftover books (if any) be distributed Sunday?

If there are leftovers. We will have extra Sunday wristbands to give out in the morning. We will only give out wristbands equal to the number of books still available for purchase.

Other Questions:

Who is eligible for a wristband?

Only visitors to the show, which does include professionals and guests. Exhibitors and staff are eligible to receive a wristband to buy a copy of the exclusive edition ONLY on Sunday.

Can I stand in line and get an extra wristband for a friend?

No. Wristbands will only be given to individuals present. 1 wristband per person.

Is the book signed?

No, the convention edition sold at the booth is not pre-signed. However, several of the contributors will be at the show and if you bring your exclusive edition to one of their signings they would be happy to sign it for you. The signing schedule will be available soon.

I don’t want / I missed out on the convention edition. Can I get a regular copy of FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW at the booth?

Yes, we will have limited copies of the regular edition for sale at the booth. These will be sold first come first serve, and not limited for each day. When they run out, they are gone.

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