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We love U.K.-based news coming out of U.S. conventions – makes us feel like we’re swimming with the big sharks. Especially when the subject of said news is someone we’re big fans of and, frankly, are stunned haven’t become huge rockstars of the worldwide comics community already. Well, fantastic news: now it seems Rachael Stott‘s time has finally come.

Stott, who has made her name as both the British Comic Awards recipient of their ‘Emerging Talent’ award category back in 2015 and also the artist behind some of Titan Comics’ best received DOCTOR WHO titlesas well as being the mastermind behind the stunning 2016 SDCC UK Attendees Group logo, don’tchaknow – has been signed on by DC Comics to join fellow Brit Si Spurrier to take on new title MOTHERLANDS for their re-invigorated Vertigo imprint, as announced at the New York Comic Con VERTIGO/DC’ YOUNG ANIMAL Panel yesterday.

There’s not a great deal of information just yet about the six-issue series, beyond a synopsis – “a sci-fi series set in a future where universe-hopping bounty hunters are the new celebrities. A spotlight-shunning hunter named Tab finds herself in a race for her greatest prize yet, but to ID her target she’ll have to work with her fiercest rival and the most famous bounty hunter of all time—her mother!” Bum-bum-BUMMMMMMM! There’s also a tentative release date of Wednesday 31st January.

Si Spurrier, the afore-mentioned writer of MOTHERLANDS, is going to be a busy chap with this new title on his plate, with THE POWER OF THE DARK CRYSTAL still barrelling on through its twelve-issue run for BOOM! Studios and also his own creator-owned book, ANGELIC, just getting traction for Image Comics. (PS. We really can’t recommend you check out that book any harder. Trust us, it feckin’ rocks.)

MOTHERLANDS was not the only title teased at this weekends New York Comic Con, with Joshua Williamson (THE FLASH, FROSTBITE) and Riley Rossmo (BATMAN/THE SHADOW, CONSTANTINE; THE HELLBLAZER) announced as the creative team behind DEATHBED, a six-issue limited run hitting shelves in Weds 21st February. The series “follows a former adventurer turned recluse who has re-emerged 20 years later. When reporter Valentine Richards is hired to get his story, she soon finds herself in an insane world of violence and supernatural adventure.” Yay! Indiana Jones-meets-Tomb Raider! (Yeah, just watch, it’s not going to end up like that at all. Ignore me.)

John Ridley (THE AMERICAN WAY: THOSE ABOVE AND THOSE BELOW) and Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH) also eeked out some info about their new series, IMAGINARY FIENDS, which looks utterly mental. We’re down with ‘utterly mental’.

Vertigo was also joined by their other off-kilter baby brother imprint at NYCC, Young Animal, as writer/curator/chunky emo type Gerard Way announced an expansion of the list of current titles, with MILK WARS mashup-title coming from Steve Orlando and Way in January next year, and Magdalene Visaggio will be penning a new miniseries, ETERNITY GIRL (March 2018), with acclaimed artist Sonny Lew (THE ART OF CHARLIE CHAN HOCK CHYE) on, er, artist duties. Thrilling stuff.

But let’s be honest. it’s the Rachael Stott and Si Spurrier news that’s got us all excited. Bravo, gang!

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