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Daredevil, Marvel Television‘s highly anticipated new chapter of its Cinematic Universe, has had its first debut trailer rampage across social media today.

The series, produced in partnership with ABC Studios and due to screen its full run on Netflix on 10th April, stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch, the blind lawyer who seeks to make his troubled New York neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen ‘a safer place’ by heightening his senses and becoming the masked vigilante Daredevil, donning what appears to me a direct callback to the acclaimed Frank Miller run on the comic book.

image: dailysuperhero.com

image: dailysuperhero.com

The trailer is a mean and moody affair which, strikingly enough, actually bares strong resemblance to the much-derided movie adaptation starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, not only in dark and dingy atmospherics but also embracing the strong religious themes of the comic. Unlikely we’ll get to see Irish heartthrobs gurning on screen and quoting N.W.A. lyrics, mind. But there’s definitely more of an origin story vibe running throughout what we’ve seen so far, the outfit only being a small part of that – here, Charlie Cox’s Murdock seems driven but morally conflicted about his mission and what lines he will cross to rid the streets of crime and corruption.

The show will share with the film Daredevil’s iconic baddie, though, the gangster mastermind Kingpin, seen from behind in this first trailer and played in the series by Vincent D’Onofrio. The actor shared his excitement of finally being able to share a glimpse of the big, bald baddie on his Twitter feed:

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