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icon - marvel comics (thumbnail).JPGWith the recent SECRET WARS event bringing all manner of classic Marvel Comics characters out into the light – and with some of those veteran heroes getting their own hit Netflix series and upcoming MCU movies – even ardent fans would be excused with not being completely au fait with the entire Marvel super-powered roster.

Thankfully, Marvel have anticipated the ramped-up interest in not only the more obscure characters of the 70’s and 80’s, soon to explode over screens, small and large, but also the currently established Big Boys, too – to that end, Marvel have launched a new YouTube series: MARVEL 101.

In the series, fans can get a condensed history of their favourite costumed crusaders, nicely packed into a snappy 60 second video each, giving a tight explanation of the background of the heroes, as well as featuring panels from some of the biggest moments in those characters history.

There are TWENTY videos kicking off the series, featuring:

…click on the links to watch them all – they’re nicely produced with some excellent panel screengrabs and music scores, they’re well worth checking out. And the video series is set to grow and grow, with new profiles being uploaded every Tuesday and profiles being planned for characters such as Thor (Jane Foster), Hawkeye, Punisher, Winter Soldier, War Machine, Wasp, Quicksilver, Angela, Venom, and many more.

Don’t be too surprised if you see a video rolling along, trying desperately to explain the full saga that is the Inhumans, what with the background to the gang being folded in the timeline of MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D and their own movie in the pipeline. Can’t wait to see Lockjaw getting his moment in the sun!

(Leonard says: This sound like is could be a nice little primer for people just getting into the Marvel Universe, especially with its focus on the comic history… But is it just me, or are there two groups conspicuously missing from this new MARVEL 101 series? Looks like the ‘sweeping under the carpet’ is finally complete… Thoughts in the comments below, of course.)

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