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Even though we are quite a ways away from San Diego Comic-Con International, two of Funko’s exclusives have been announced (no pictures yet though).

The first one was a few weeks ago when on Twitter, they were asked about Josie (from RIVERDALE). Funko replied that “Josie will be a part of our SDCC exclusives. We don’t normally comment on SDCC this far in advance, but we want to be clear that we did not forget Josie! We just have special plans for her…….

Could those special plans be a 3-pack of the Pussycats? Guess we will have to wait until mid-2018 to find out…


The 2nd exclusive was announced yesterday, but not by Funko themselves, but by man-about-SDCC Chris Hardwick. The news came as a result of a website error when his ID10T site put up Pop! Figure of him, but due to the error, it repeatedly went back up for sale after selling out. Anyone who ordered the original one could have gotten a refund, or wait for an announcement of what he’d do to make up for the error.

That announcement came yesterday in the news that they were going to do a variant of the original figure (seen below, courtesy of their site), that would be a blood splattered version…and it was going to be an SDCC exclusive!

Here’s the text of the email they sent:

So, I’m happy to announce the Chris Hardwick Funko Pop! Blood Splatter Edition! It will be the same toy from the initial run but differentiated by the fact that it will have a splattering of blood on it. This protects the value and uniqueness of the original Pop while allowing for an almost identical yet special new one. (I don’t have pics of mine since it hasn’t been mocked up yet) 

“When would I get this??” you ask. That leads to the second part of the announcement! The CH Blood Splatter edition is going to be part of Funko’s exclusive San Diego Comic-con 2018 line, which makes it additionally special. “But that’s AGES from now!” True statement! But you have to understand that it takes a while to have these manufactured. Also, this means that if you keep your order and are okay waiting a little, sometime around the second quarter 2018 (our plan is to ship them to you before SDCC) you’ll have this bloody little fellow in your patient hands at a discount of $5 off, which is my apology and thanks to you for being cool, keeping your order, and not telling me to do horrible things to myself. Tentatively, the plan is that I will do a signing at the Funko booth so if you go to SDCC, there is a solid chance I will sign your “me” toy! 

This run won’t be as small as 1000 but it will still be a finite number so if you decide to try and buy it later it might truly be gone! I won’t be putting out pre-orders to the public for a few months so you’re getting first dibs on these (and rightfully so)!


In other non-SDCC news from Funko, the world premiere of the MAKING FUN THE MOVIE documentary is set to premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on January 22nd. Tickets for the event were only available through Funko’s Funatic message board for members who met certain requirements. The event does sound fun though, and we will be there for coverage of the event.



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