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image - funko pop logo (thumbnail)FUNKO has released details to us of a fourth series of POP Marvel bobbleheads. We’ve actually known about the super-sized 6″ POP for the forthcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR film, for some time: the Scott Lang character that’s going to show up at the ‘showdown’ back end of the film, Giant-Man.

The figure actually was first unveiled on a trade website by accident, spoiling the reveal of Scott Lang’s utilisation of the Pym Particles to re-size to the other end of the spectrum. We were asked by Funko to keep things quiet but once LEGO go and put the character on the front of a set box with no regard at all, it’s safe to say the secret is out and it become pointless to try and keep it under wraps!

Best to go and own it. And one of the best ways to do that is just to get the thing out there… And, hey, might as well release the Dorbz version, too, why don’t you?

The figure joins a brilliant range of heroes, including the contemporary Spider-Gwen and the Carol Danvers version of Captain America, destined to be desirable collectors items (in my house).

From the FUNKO press release:

Pop! Marvel – Series 4

Fan favorites like the nefarious Doctor Octopus, incredible Spider-Gwenthe mysterious Captain Marvel, and the savage She-Hulk are  now part of the Marvel Pop! line!

Classic Falcon and Doctor Strange are also included in this wave!

Coming in June!

Giant-Man 6″ Pop! & Dorbz XL

Giant-Man is the latest addition to our Captain America: Civil War line and comes as a 6″ Pop! and Dorbz XL, befitting his massive name!

Collect both to provide the ultimate back-up for Team Captain America!

Funko POP Vinyl, Marvel - #135, 6'' Giant-Man

Funko POP Vinyl, Marvel – #135, 6” Giant-Man

Funko Dorbz- #05, 6'' Giant-Man

Funko Dorbz- #05, 6” Giant-Man

Available Now!

Ant-Man Pocket Pop! Keychain

Ant-Man also comes as a Pocket Pop! Keychain!

Funko POP Pocket Keychain, Marvel - Ant-Man

Funko POP Pocket Keychain, Marvel – Ant-Man

Coming in May!

Pop! Marvel: Nemesis Punisher

Nemesis Punisher dons face-paint and fatigues to show that he means business!

This figure is a must-have for serious Marvel fans!

Funko POP Vinyl, Marvel:  #118, Punisher (Nemesis)

Funko POP Vinyl, Marvel: #118, Punisher (Nemesis)


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