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Funko have announced that they will be discontinuing the annual subscription service to one of their most popular gift boxes. This is not be something to rattle the cage of too many people, seeing as subscribers to the Marvel Collector Corps bi-monthly boxes, ‘Powered By Funko’ were no doubt already starting to feel a little hemmed in by the annual fee and turning away from the service – freebie ‘Gold Statue’ be damned.

Now, fans can choose the remaining ‘subscribe’ per bi-monthly box ordering option, effectively pick-and-choosing from each theme, revealed as the previous box rolls out. Admittedly, fans will still be left in the dark about the actual contents of the boxes – highlighted on the Funko social media, usually after the order deadline has been and gone – but now, at least, people can select the boxes as they go, based on the theme unveiled for the next release.

You can find out more about the service and sign up for the latest available box, here: www.collectorcorps.com, with details of the new changes for subscribers given in the latest subscribers mail letter:

At Funko, we are continually working to deliver products and services in ways that are most meaningful to our collector community. While we work to assess our subscription programs in 2018 to align them more toward the ways our customers collect, we are discontinuing our annual subscription options starting January 1. As an annual subscriber, you will be affected by this change. When your annual subscription is due to renew in 2018, it will automatically convert to a bi-monthly subscription at the price of $25 (plus shipping and any applicable tax) per bi-monthly period, and your payment card will be charged this renewal price every two months until you cancel.

No action is needed from you unless you do not wish to renew as a bi-monthly subscriber at the end of your annual program year.

If you want to opt out of this change and cancel your subscription, simply log into your account and turn auto renew off before your next charge date. Step-by-step instructions are included on our weksite. Turning auto renew off will not affect the remainder of your current annual subscription or your upcoming anniversary gift, which you will still receive.

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