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The latest company to jump on board the Funko bandwagon, teaming up with the master vinyl toy manufacturers to produce a stylised subscription box stuffed full of one-off collectibles, is Disney – a match made in heaven.

If there was a house of ideas that has a legacy of characters and properties that seem custom-built to be Funko-fied, it’s the House That Walt Built. And, with the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie sailing over the horizon, it’s only fitting that the new Disney Treasures box is nautically themed. Time to don your three-pointed hat, swing a rope over the yardarm and board this new adventure of fun figures and accessories.

The first thing that always strikes you about the Funko subscription boxes – from the Marvel Collector Corps, to the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty and to the DC Legion Of Collectors – is the level of detail they put into every aspect of the box, from the packaging down. The interior box art is nicely rendered, with a map of the upcoming years box themes (I think I see a FROZEN box on the way, along with a HAUNTED MANSION theme hinted at, too).

There’s also a nice little card from Funko CEO Brian Mariotti, highlighting the close relationship that has developed with between his and the Disney organisation, resulting in items that will really appeal to the dedicated Mouse-head. A year of this stuff, you say? Well, this should be something pretty spectacular, then – let’s dive in…

First up under the box flap, familiar to many who have a Funko subscription box under their belt already, is the double whammy of a patch and pin. The patch – a PETER PAN Hook pirate flag is nicely rendered (if not looking just a little like the V FOR VENDETTA mask. Wrong franchise!!) However, the as per usual, very heavy and rather mighty metal enamel pin is fully on point with Mickey in full pirate garb. Cute.

As we go under the hood, we first get our fold-out ‘treasure map’ of the upcoming year of Disney Treasures, with a nice detail sheet of the development of the items inside on the reverse. I do like these WIP/blueprint indexes, as they do show the time and effort the entire Funko team put behind every item inside.

And remember, all these items are totally unique to these boxes – they aren’t available anywhere else: no Target scouring will help you here. It’s the only place where you’ll get the first item out of the box interior, a Jack Sparrow Mini POP, inside its own decorative tin. I love the artwork on the tin outside, harking back to the legend of the original ride. Nice touch.

Next up, we prize out the biggest item in the box: a Dorbz Rides of a Wicked Wench Captain with Pirate Ship. Now, being of the increasingly advance age that I am, I would have loved this to actually be referencing the 1968 BLACKBEARD’S GHOST movie, starring the inimitable Peter Ustinov. It wouldn’t have taken much – the figure does look exactly like Ustinov’s loveable rogue and it would have seen Disney acknowledging its older live action movies. Well, us old farts can’t have everything…

And, last but not least, we have a unique POP! figure inside – and it’s only fitting, with the cuteness of the figures and all, that we get the cutest Disney pirate character as a POP! No, not Rufio from HOOK… NO, not TREASURE PLANET‘s Morph, either! It’s only Smee from the 1953 animated classic, PETER PAN.



The detailing on this figure is just superb, with Smee’s glasses a really nice touch and the intricacies of his hands and feet really selling the character. It’s not a bobble head, and the weight distribution makes it very easily topple if not balanced just right, but I love this figure, it’s just so cute. Lovely.

You can get your hands on this PIRATES COVE box until the 22nd April deadline, with the next Funko Disney Treasures box – FESTIVAL OF FRIENDS –  due after that. I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises the pairing of the Funko / Disney collaboration will come up with – you can find out more, and sign up for this series at https://disneytreasures.funko.com/

Disclaimer: An Englishman In San Diego has been provided with this complimentary press box for review by Funko.

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