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icon - marvel comics (thumbnail).JPG‘WORST X-MAN EVER’? That’s a pretty bold boast, coming from a team that’s had Maggott in its line-up.

However, writer Max Bemis (lead singer of punk rockers Say Anything / A+X) and Michael Walsh (X-FILES: SEASON 10, ZERO) seem to have found someone even less suited to the task – and, this January, will be revealing more as they introduce Bailey Hoskins to the mix in a premise that may have a touch of WANTED in there – but with more spandex, obviously

Personally, I was a massive fan of Bemis’ CROSSED: BADLANDS and A+X made quite the impact so I’m very curious to see how this introduction of the first new mutant character in quite some time will pan out – we’ll all see for ourselves this January…


From the Marvel Comics press release:

An Outcast Among Outcasts in X-MEN: WORST X-MAN EVER #1!

X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #1, cover art Michael Walsh

X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #1, cover art Michael Walsh

This January, experience a tale of the misfit among the misfits. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside X-MEN: WORST X-MAN EVER #1, the new series written by Say Anything frontman Max Bemis (A+X) with artist Michael Walsh (Secret Avengers, Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra)! Bailey Hoskins has just discovered he is a mutant.

For someone who’s never been special, never stood out, discovering he’s “gifted” is truly a gift. And with that gift comes the most exciting opportunity of all – entry into the hallowed halls of Xavier’s School for Gifted Children and into the ranks of the world-famous X-Men! But unfortunately for him…he might just be the worst X-Man ever. Welcome to the X-Men, Bailey…hope you survive the experience!

Debuting digitally this January, be there as Bailey embarks on his first journey into the center of the Marvel Universe in X-MEN: WORST X-MAN EVER #1!


Written by MAX BEMIS
Art & Cover by MICHAEL WALSH
Pre-Order Now (https://comicstore.marvel.com/X-Men-Worst-X-Man-Ever-2016-1-of-5/digital-comic/40749).

On-Sale in January!

image - Marvel Comics (X-Men Worst X-Man Ever #1, preview page 01)image - Marvel Comics (X-Men Worst X-Man Ever #1, preview page 02)image - Marvel Comics (X-Men Worst X-Man Ever #1, preview page 03)image - Marvel Comics (X-Men Worst X-Man Ever #1, preview page 04)

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